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This is morning in northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Like the guidance coming out of this. Cdc not known or consistency kind of Well bringing the hammer down once again. As the centers for disease control and prevention recommended on tuesday that fully vaccinated folks begin wearing masks indoors again in places with high cova nineteen transmission rates. So does this mean. And i pulled this out of Channel thirty one. The headline kind of says it. All two thirds of colorado should under mask mandates in the new cdc guidance lengthy piece Goes on to point out that only ten counties account for seventy five percent of colorado's code one thousand nine cases since june twenty-first among them larimer and weld county justice. Cdc not known for being consistent the weld county commissioners have been rather consistent in their take when it comes to this ever rotating list of guidelines and rules stressing that perhaps we should use the good sense. The good lord gave us and make our decisions accordingly. Is that going to change. Well county commissioner scott. James joins us this morning. Hey scott gale so one to get your take on this newest no data no scientific data back any of this up it just. It's just not available yet. But the cdc saying that even if you're fully vaccinated you have to mask up indoors in areas where there are high cova. Nineteen transmission rates are poor kids. Well thank heaven for greeley evans school district six saying that mass remain optional. But are poor kids according to the cdc. You're going to have to mask up again to go back to school. Well first let me give you a couple of comments on your opening. Set up there and thank you for that comment. One is seventy five percent of the cases if distant kent county that's because eighty five percent of colorado's population does so just over first second technically when the headline asserts that we should be mack. Matt mass mandates. Let me argue with that. Why do you need the heavy fan force of government but to put you under mandate if you believe in the science put out by the cdc then take that personal.

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