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Com okay cal's deserve a private island it's these ones exactly farmers use actually writer cattle over rivers and lakes to better grazing lands see my brain is so bizarre I had this Titanic picture in my head like there is a piece of debris and rose actually let jacket on the door now Bossi let's come on by a commodity like flow get on there yeah Bessie birthday you to answer there is room enough for all of us I'll never let go bursae we have to think about this when you see I was thinking of the old cowboy movies now with their you know their their driving the cattle and they would cross rivers but you know they're only about maybe fifty yards wide least in the movies yeah they can touch the forno how true that is rifle to touch the bottom that's why all those so they can swim several miles currently all right just leave out there I don't think you need to move them back to where they were they're they're good they're clearly if they want to go back they can yeah they understand that now they they don't know triathlon these cows are in better shape than half of the people I know okay the cashier there's a Cape lookout national C. horas seashore their Facebook page says you ever wonder how land animals raccoon deer etcetera made across water of the barrier islands consider the story the wild cows on cedar island hurricane Dorian a rush of water from the family because sound back the Atlantic Ocean over watch the island taking the counts from their normal habitat to another island four miles away so some meat you know what I'm saying yeah well if you look at the pictures of the cast man there's not an ounce of fat on yeah they're they're ripped they're in their in really good shape and then I can taste very well now to taste very good then Rainer cal's they can train the other ones story they have for their friends yeah dude you'll never believe this this hurricane and then I like to surf over this island and now my office surfing callous Taliban got I love to go there gosh.

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