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And I confess to that. You know, I'm here to learn about quantum Alexander. Who's twenty four years old? So he goes young he's younger than Reuben foster. And this is all rooted in Reuben foster. This is the guy. This is the position Reuben foster was supposed to play for the forty Niners. Reuben foster is now in the Washington. Redskins. He is no longer a forty Niner. So the forty Niners needed somebody. They had Malcolm Smith they were not overjoyed with him. He actually took a pay cut to stay on the team. Now did Malcolm Smith. I mean, I remember him being on the field. Maybe one game. I mean like he really didn't play. He played a fair amount. Didn't he I don't know, man. Right. Nah. I didn't hear his name Morley at all. In fact, we can get back into that. Because somebody saying that the forty Niners are the John Lynch regime is showing a tendency to respond. I didn't know Michael Smith Trojan completely slept on that deal. Oh, yeah. Was he a great Trojan Super Bowl MVP? No, no, not really. He was just it was just a Trojan. Paulie, he played twelve games last year. Started five started five, okay? Not much action on the field though. He had one pass defense. How did you miss? It always worth it then. Yeah. I missed totally. I don't know where where were you? What were you getting some? We get some nachos. Mike children at when he defended his past shadow chill, dude. But anyway, so yeah. One pass defense. So now gender is at an LSU. There's some interesting details on this guy. He's a fourth rounder. He already has a PD suspension on his record. That's what I'm saying. So has got a sort of Barry Bonds and. All the baseball players who get destroyed for their PD use shout out to the NFL. Oh, he has a PD bust yet. Good one can play take four weeks come on back here. Wednesday back when's he back back in October. The American sports fans brain between baseball and football on PD's is hilarious. Man hilarious. We are just absolute barbarians when it comes to football. I think the football is like the delta house in animal house and in baseball is like Bushwick country club, George Maryland right with smell smell want to call up some Carlin there Leland. You can never go wrong with the baseball versus football a bit short little like twelve year old Jameson from twain hearts never heard it. I hope you've played for your kids. I haven't yet. They're going to love it. In fact, I played that for my kids when they were both playing little league baseball genius is clean. It's just a brilliant piece of com-. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe. In football. We marched down the grid iron and methodically plotting. You haven't heard example like that in baseball. The goal is to go home. Save me. Save baseball. We sacrifice. Yes. In fact, we got it right here. This is Quan Alexander's PD suspension. Nobody cares in baseball. Everybody cares because baseball such a sacred sport. You take it away, George Carlin. Baseball has no time limit. We don't know how long it's gonna last. We might have extra innings football.

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