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Day forecast. Now from KPI x five meteorologist Mary lappy Monday to you a mild Monday in store for us. We'll see highs anywhere from one to four degrees cooler than normal but much much. Cooler by the middle part of the week so inland today. Upper eighty s some of our warmer spots for the bay a sixty s to low seventies. And along the coast in the low sixties for Tuesday a little bit cooler, mid eighties inland, upper sixty s for the bay low sixties along the coast, but by Wednesday and for Thursday, highs will be running in the mid seventies. So the coolest at of our extended forecast and the coolest weather that we have seen in quite some time here mid sixty s for the bay about sixty for the coast and then slowly warming up by the end of the work week and into the weekend. I'm meteorologist Mary Lee with your KPI x five in KCBS forecast in Santa Rosa. It's eighty seven degrees right now. Concord, Livermore, both eighty four seventy four and Hayward. Redwood City and San Francisco Oakland is seventy one. It's seventy six degrees in Mountainview, seventy nine in San Jose, traffic and weather together on the eighth on all these one of six nine and AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time one Twenty-one the women's competition at the US. Open came to a dramatic and controversial close over the weekend after a conflict between Serena Williams and the chair umpire Carlos Ramos led to a point penalty a game penalty and a fat fine against Williams. Williams of many tennis veterans say the penalties are sign of sexism and tennis arguing that male players are rarely penalized that harshly or even when they're misbehavior tops hers for more. We're joined live on the KCBS ring central Newsline by Washington Post sports, reporter, Cindy Boren. Thanks a lot for talking to us today. Do you think the empire made the right call and do we see similar calls made against mayo players from the same kind of behavior. Pretty much both parties. Serena Williams NBA empire. Carlos Ramos overreacted. Serena probably should've kept her wits about her. And not said anything after he he hit her with the point penalty. You know? Instead, she. Had a verbal outburst. Nothing profane to call them to cease and. I think he overreacted, you know, I mean, this is an important an important match, very important. That's one of the foremost important of the year. And you know, you're gonna call that they're at that point. I think I think he really should have just let it let it go. And yeah, I do think there is a double standard here. There are plenty of animals some of them legendary of players cursing at Charing empires, and the empire's just sort of don't pay any attention to it. And don't do anything about it. Because it's an because it's not the first round of the tournament. It's a big moment. No one wants to see an official umpire become the story. And then that's what this guy did. Yeah. I mean because it is an empire sort of like a cop. I mean, you you might overreact. And be a jerk on the street, but a cop is trained to keep the peace to not to not drop to your level at that moment. Yeah. You don't want to be the story. And you know, the I mean, there are plenty of Roger Federer has has cursed out. Sharon Pires, there's never been docked. And it just happens a lot Jimmy Connors has done it as well. He does. Now, most players are are cooler than that. You know, they don't let the kids their emotions in check. But you know, I mean, this is a guy who was essentially accusing Serena cheating, and there's a little bit of history here. They had been in the chair at the French Open when he made the same call about Venus Williams three the sister. And you know, if you're aware of this, and you're aware of the guy's history of being stickler for the rules to the point of being, you know, really really nasty about it and kind of excessive you're going to erupt, and you know, Serena was at that moment being beaten, she was losing to Naomi of soccer, and she probably would have lost her anyway. But you know, instead now that's what everybody's talking about. Instead of this up and coming young tennis player who's terrific with a remarkable window, the Women's Tennis Association acknowledged yesterday that men and women are treated differently when they have an emotional reaction. What should the organization do to correct? This. Well, I think the first thing they need to do is look at this umpires records and determine whether you know, they really need to invite him back to any of these tournaments. I think they also probably should look at the the rules and in tennis coaching is allowed for the women in many events, but not in the grand slam events of which the US open is one men are not allowed to do wishes coaching. It's coaching is such a a, no, no, then why are coaches even allowed to sit that close to the court. Why don't they put them up in the up in the boxes up in the sky or someplace, you know, somewhere where the players can't shoot him rather than having them in their boxes? I think they need to look at that. And I think they also need to look at at exactly what I think it's a judgment call. I don't know that takes legislate. You know, this is what you have to do if someone is yelling at you. But you know, maybe they can. Have some guidelines? He'll profanity or whatever. Yeah. Instead, the international tennis foundation said that Ramos acted at all times with professionalism and integrity. That's a quote, thanks for talking to Cindy in Washington Post sports reporter. Every Mitchell joins us.

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