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Are anyways. Hung out as very much for having me. I appreciate eighty brian. Everybody right we'll be back with the news right after this news. Gino breaks we're crime. Protest outed craft stuff it solo team joe by g. The news with gene grad of people took to laminating their vaccine cards. And you're gonna wanna do that for many reasons but a new one is because kobe booster shots will start rolling up for everybody. September twentieth The white house just unveiled the plan which still needs an expected approval from. Fda was telling brian yesterday. If you're immuno-compromised you can i believe. Start getting the booster now. Dr don next week. Yes they're saying. Yeah compromise people now and the rest of us wait. What three weeks. four weeks. Although the pfizer and modern aren vaccine still provide strong protection against hospitalization and death officials are concerned about waning immunity to the disease. A lot of the concern. Too as i understand it is how far apart. You got the two shots so the longer you waited the more immunity the closer together the less immunity real. That was that was one of the points. They're still researching booster for johnson johnson. Cool your heels. Not there yet Because the approval came later this recommendation will come later but Yeah grab those vacs cards and get ready for that third shot. It is we. We have a insane society. I mean now. I feel like you can't go ten minutes without saying one thing without coming back to bite you naso like the at the beginning portion of this year. I don't know february march was all this discussion about voters voter. Id in voter suppression and all this kind of stuff than the other day. You got the mayor of new york saying you gotta show an idea you need to have need your vacs card but you also need a valid. Id to come in any building in government building or any restaurant or any gymnasium or something we went from and it's not funny but the largest group of unvaccinated people in new york are black people. So here we are like. I didn't even take four months to get to this you. Can you need ninety. So what is it what. What's the plan. How do we. How do we unfussy this. Fucking cow ballot. What do we do. How do you work around this. You just got done telling us that these people couldn't vote because they can't get id's and now you're saying nobody can come in unless they have and you and it's overwhelmingly african american who does not have their backs unvaccinated in new york as you would say what affects you more daily day to day basis not voting or not being able to go into any building of any kind while they're gonna by the way if you want to just look at how people look okay so for years. It's been all this voter. Id these people have access to fucking gavin newsom sitting here explaining that blacks and hispanics don't have access to checking accounts okay. He sat where you're sitting and said fifty percent of blacks and hispanics don't have access you word access. I've fucking fuck the shit out of the word access. What do you mean access. Everyone has access to everything. Some people don't choose to accept excess it but they have access to it but he's sitting there explaining that but what i used to say if there's these large groups of people that don't have access to id's thus can't vote then you would start a big campaign you would go. You would have vans. it'd be you. Would you would take all the shaquille o'neal would be cutting as you would have. All the cast of black panther doing it and everyone would come out of the woodwork. You do launch a campaign. Yeah but all you said was these people don't have access ideas and you left at this at and you've always left it at that. Now they knew. The number of people who didn't have an id who couldn't vote with miniscule like way less than one percent nobody cares. They wouldn't identify who they were. They were lying but they do know. There's a large group of people in african american community who aren't vaccinated and now you're seeing a campaign right. You're seeing people's going to the streets like well. This church is setting setting vaccination place in the inner city. You are seeing what they would do if they thought something was a problem which meant that. Were lying about voter. Id the whole time because there was no such effort in any way shape performed to get them ideas but they do want them vaccinated in your singing like a large scale effort for that so you can tell not what the problem is by what they tell you. The problem is by how they act to fix prom. So when gavin newsom says half way insulting that half california's like half hispanic and half of half the population has access to checking account. And you would be doing a whole bunch of measures to try right. You'd be embarrassed as the governor to say that. Because what do you watch. Yeah right right although he was. Lieutenant governor What are they going to do what. What is new york gonna do when you're turning away. The three quarters of black people who can't go into the restaurant or the building we'll find out that's a very good question. Allegiance stadium dot com reports. That the las vegas raiders will require all attendees at home games to show their vaccination. That's gonna.

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