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Every other night another movie. Morning. Everybody is T J envy. Ngelo Yeesh guy. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you join us we were talking about Wendy Williams, and you got some data. Is looking for her own apartment now in the city. It looks like she wants to get out of the New Jersey how that she shared with her husband soon to be ex husband Kevin hunter, or you would need a change of scenery too. If you had to wake up looking at Kelvin hunters midlife crisis closet every day we saw the other day. And he looked like he didn't know if you wanted to go to the gym with the made in America festival. All right. Earlier those divorce papers at work, and they actually had extra security because they didn't know if he was gonna flip out and get upset, but they said he took the news in stride. And he does still work with her on that show. So even though it's been awkward said they've been very cordial to each other. But. Sources team at Wendy's show is so excited that she's finally leaving him. Does she got fired from all business ventures and dropped his last name? If you're going to all time because that man has done nothing, but ruin your business and ruin your brand her brand has been rooted in truth and authentic, and she's been lying covering up for that, man. So cut him off completely. And that bought mercury. What y'all waiting on y'all windfall? Those employees complained about him into a class action lawsuit. Several year ties now with that has been hipster Kelvin hunter, not to mention I don't see how would feel safe with that abusive in the building the hokey pokey with that. You know what I'm saying? If you're going to be out pack of his designer brands from third world countries and ship them off. Did he say hokey pokey? You can't hokey poke been around. Do you want to turn yourself around with a? That's. Election of how he thinks he's a grown boy, and he'd been a grown ass boy. And now, mommy kicking him out the house go via man Calvin. And pray for Serena Hudson too, goddamn, not you gotta deal with him twenty four seven three sixty five all that yelling screaming the white whale comfortable being decides. All your pieces ruined. Kelvin has this Christ happy weekend. When we come back positive note, though. Don't move breakfast. Good morning..

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