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Cats and dogs. Which is Mr. demand ski seems to be a firm opinion, the cats are interior to dogs because Joe bar producers thinking about getting a cat after a lifetime of being a dog person. Yeah. That offense Jeff. It's it just seems like generally speaking. There are two types of people when it comes to pets cap person dog person. Now, I don't hate cat people. I kinda hate cats. But I don't I wouldn't I wouldn't hurt a cat. I would. But like my brother, he's a cat guy. If he suddenly said that he was becoming a dog guy, even though I would think he would be right to feel that way. It's like, I wouldn't even know who he wasn't anymore because I don't think that's something you can just change. I think you're born this way. I think you're hardwired it's like a sexual preference. All right, lady Gaga. I'm telling you. I don't think you can just suddenly have have the same appreciation forget, even if you do have both been your home unless you somehow start out that way, if you grew up with a cat and a dog, and you really just love them equally. Maybe then you can. But generally speaking, there's cat people dog people in that's that and people are on one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five Mark from Pennsylvania. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hi. I had cats in my light three. But we'll watch it really was a stray cat, we talk and that was living under out. Okay. The wine cat was four three to four weeks old when we got her. So she was raised with our dog who is still puppy. They were best threat here. But when she got older, and we got a different dogs. She hated her. Doc. She would mess with it. She would you know, if a buyer to scratch at Hey, all nasty to it. She was with anybody. If she was I up. Because they passed by and Dan pay attention. Do you ever get into real knock down drag out fight? I think so, but I wasn't always there to see it without my knowledge. Right. It's hard. It's no reach that. They're crazy themes that if you're Catholic he noted album, anyways, but they are deemed they're kind of evil. Yeah. They have even the cheese state love to do evil things to you. And like you say you pass a law. You you're screwed for the rest of your life. I well there you go. Outside. And that's from a man who has both who or who had both cat and dog Mark, thanks for your call. I wasn't sure quite where he was going to go with that. He made it quite clear. Yeah. My wife had to cancel and we got married I inherited the cats, and I was always on their bedside. I never got along with the stupid things. Yeah. Well, I mean can't just see cats will be belligerent if you have an ill behaved dog, I believe personally, it's almost always because something happened to that dog. Somebody did something to that dog. But cats. They don't need a reason they act as if they were like an abused dog. But they don't really need a reason nothing. I mean, you know, they they had a dream coach life and yet they'll just like attack you out of nowhere, and they're still gonna tear up your leather jacket. If you leave it on a chair off forget about it. I would see this is I think true as well. Other than your dog ate a bunch of stuff. Well, yeah. Any dog I had did. But I mean, only in the younger years and the learn cats never seen this is why people end up declawing cats. Oh, that's a bad thing now. Yeah. A lot of vets don't like to do it like taking the last part of your fingers off. Agatha in Moorestown, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hi. I can't believe out here going on and on and on about cats. I've had cats. I've never had that problem jumping up on the counter or attacking me. They've never jumped up on a counter your cats have never jumped on a counter. No catch that. I've had now were they crippled. Katkov cats tend to jump were surprised that they don't jump. Well, yeah, they just they just they didn't jumped up on the table or up on the counter, you know, they just favor they belong on the floor. They used to come up and and lay on the couch. I mean, you know, I've never been attacked right now. I have a dog. I'm also a job. I don't have a cat right now. But which do you think is better? Do you think one animal is inferior to the other or superior to the other? Basically deep down. I'm a big dog person a little person right now, my dog is crying she's going. So if that's what you're hearing. Oh, how ironic that we're talking about this in you're on your way to the vet. Are you getting their fixed? No, no. She has something wrong with one of her toes. Oh, does she have extra toes along the back of her leg? Davinci's dog with the opposable thumb. She's got her other for fortune, but something's wrong with that. The one got. No, there's no she's not an outside dog. She only goes out when I take her out. And she's a pit bull by the way. You know, sixty four pound. Bull fan. Oh my God. He she is wonderful. All this business that they say they're mean, and this and that it just kills me because she's not she's a love. Okay. Agatha. Thanks for your call. Okay. What see when the pit bulls burping up cap. Kathy in touch and you're on New Jersey one point five. Hi, how you doing? All right. I agree with that. Now, I've had both cats both dogs. We had a Ymer honor that trashed her house. He had such anxiety when we left he was destructive. And my cats have never ruined anything and the same that she said, none of my cats have ever been on our table, or are counters and all you have to do with a cat. If she jumps on the counter once you pick a squirt bottle of water. Oh, yeah. And my wife used to do that when the cats would eat or plants. Yeah. Yeah. I can give you a story about sport dog person. So you think do you think cats are more intelligent than dogs? I tell you I have had the most intelligent tasks, and I've had the dumbest cats. Okay. Matt Sammy was a dog in a cat costume. As soon as I came home. He was at my side and followed me all over. Why did you give him a people name? Oh, I always give my I'm am, Molly. Now, I always give them people on this. Call them like stripes or yeah. Yeah. Whisker holly. Sammy Mickey cozy poopie. Horrible name. Oh, daddy. Thanks for your call running. Thanks. We are asking the question suburban New Jersey. If you have dogs, if you have cats first of all, let us know did the cats and dogs get along or not, and which is the better animal cat or dog, which is smarter which is more useful, which is more affectionate clearly a dog one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five let's break for the news at three thirty one..

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