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Have it in the middle of the field with Sam Brown. Brown plays it. Into the box. Here's a shot that one deflected by Michi Galina. Now it's in the air inside the 18 yard box as a tourist trying to clear it out, gets into Beverly mocking Gila. Al Bev up to Haji Berries switch. Banks don't have numbers, so Barry holds up. That's that wife for Beckford trying to get right back to bury but ends up going Out of play thrown coming four realm on earth or Excuse me. It was tipped out so switchbacks with the throwing It goes on on the far side of the field, sometimes Difficult for us to see as real monarchs have it just shy of midfield. Lights just on here at Weidner Field. As Jared Goff. Well, no sun setting behind us to our west behind, like speak. Never forget, never, ever. Soba Wally on the near side. Real monarchs in their own half of the field played the Saucedo. Heaven Saucedo pushing this one up into the midfield circle. He's across midfield, Good defending their by Beverly mocking Gila, nearly one of all back for the switchbacks, and now they do win possession. Mark a Gila just shy midfield passes it across to Matt Mahoney up to Stephen Echeverria Echeverria looking for the overlapping running. Mahoney feeds it to him, Mahoney Just outside the 18 up to meet you. Galina Galina back to Mahoney back to Galina. Alina at the corner of the 18 yard box plays it up to bury home. Think about striking from deep Now Anderson takes a shot and that one was paired away by Jeff Do Snow Nice play there by the 17 year old keeper. Ends up going over the back line and out for a corner pick. It will be a pike's peak National bank. Corner kick bank. Well be well. Cheer throughout. Beautiful strike from smashing Anderson on that right foot. Real monarchs just backed off him. Anderson unleashed it Good safe from does not carried it into a good area as you set out for the Pikes Pack. Pikes Peak National Bank corner kick. Sebastian Andersson going to take all of these from now on, probably The passion Anderson into the box headed away by Saucedo. Ends up on the feet of Torrez. He'll play to the near side for Anderson, who came out of the corner in his pass was deflected out that definitely went out for Monarchs player. And the throwing from Anderson. Goes to Torrez took a shot and Martinez gone involved there and Cause it to get knocked down switchbacks with it back, Haji buried trying to get around his defender. Is it just outside the box looks to turn on his man does across the face to go. Saucedo clears. Now Jose Torres backheels it to Matt Mahoney. Mahoney 35 yards from goal Nancy to do Shame, Beckford. Not literally with his hands that will be against the rules. Mahoney The back bird. Back for trying to get it to Echeverria tapped away there. I. The Monarchs switchbacks with it at midfield. Michael Edwards out to the far side for Sebastian Andersson, who is all over the field tonight. Anderson's cross carried away by do snap. Headed once now twice by Real monarchs, Right to Beverly Market Kilo will strike And that one high and wide gold kid coming up. Beverly Malcolm Gila caught that one really well on the right foot. It was a good save. Once again on that ball across the face from do snap, strong, punch out switchbacks piling on pressure and real monarchs. Inviting them on themselves playing out from the back here. Matt Mahoney going to push up So Wally passes it up to Douglas Martinez, a nice little nut make their on marking Gila, but Torrez comes to his teammates. Aid takes it away. Market villa up to Haji Barry Haji sticking with it. Great challenge Jimmy offered, and both teams battling in there it ends up on the feet of Matt Mahoney now did a shame back Furred Hackford as speed to burn. Doesn't use it quite yet. Working on his man. Nice pass over to Mitchy, Galina Galina into the box, and that one taken away from behind. Referee says no foul. I think rightly so here, the monarchs trying to break back the other way. Over the top. For Douglas Martinez. Martinez now into the box carried out by John Melvin Great play by the Switchbacks keeper. And good play from Douglas Martinez on the right. He's been the outlet for the real Monarchs. Had the speed to get in behind. Used it. Well, good starting position from Sean Melvin. Good, strong couple of hands behind that ball as well. And the switchbacks will just slow things down before building an attack of their own. Michael Edwards, with it switchbacks half of the field. In the middle for Beverly mocking healer. Out of the near side for Matt Mahoney. Mahoney. Up to tour as tours looking up field has to shame back for it and still pass it to the mill for Haji Perry. Very to the near side for back furred right back to Barry. Area across midfield. Mocking Gila now marking Gala plays it out wide for Sebastian Anderson Anderson trying to leave Do we know And had it on the feet of Mitchie. And then it's tapped away from behind. Last touched by Galina and it will be a gold kid. Which will give us 10 seconds to pause for station.

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