Porco, Republican Party, Obamacare discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Need to pool you going to get rather than talking about with nine people on the phone here's what i'll say i can't think of a better idea i could i would prevent it republican for porco for seven years by the republican party you give us power we're going to repeal and replace obamacare democrat for fear about their ideas i wanna make sure never republican and metal the road person knows that we thought light tigers we did everything to repeal it if they did the path it the i think the power of this idea is gonna take home i think obamacare's collapsing can never be fixed and i'm hoping that what fouls if this bill failed with complete disaster president trump is one hundred percent behind it but i'm hoping that we get fifty votes but i do know their work on a vote republicans are really good at talking about what we don't why com healthcare i am now and the position of telling you what i am four i am pour money and power going back home out of washington right we gotta take a break we'll come back well more lindsey graham as we continue the sean hannity show oh hey listen ecwa facts recently announced a breach that could impact a hundred and forty three million americans know so far the organization determined that the credit card numbers for about two hundred thousand consumers and personal data including social security numbers for about one hundred eighty thousand consumers have been accessed did you know that you are eleven times more likely to become a victim of identity fraud if you are notified of a breach pay attention of it happens now good thing in this day and age we have lifelock dot com to protect us but there's lifelock detects.

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