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Wracking. I remember when the team of dane and maverick. I were put together here. quirkiness is the curiosity. Got the best of you but then the more that you watched it you felt okay. You know what these guys. They're making a connection here. Okay this might actually go somewhere as far as individuals teams that i felt was going to be most successful. Appall return into live events. Kellyanne dane and drake maverick was definitely a team. I was eyeball. This really. just kind of brings to question in mind okay. So what really is next for drake. Maverick there was such an outrage on social media when he was initially released and we saw what happened with. Drake doing that emotional video and everything and social media. Just in a big uproar coming together. Unanimously andric maverick. Was eventually resigned. Only this happens so now. You can't just help with say okay. So now there's no killian. So what's next here for drake. Maverick is drake maverick. Seriously gonna be alright going forward or is he eventually going to be on that. Listen he's going to be joining killing dane as well remember. One of the last story arcs that came about imperium was trying to do some stuff. There where alexander wolf because of the history that he had with killian dane he was trying to get deigned to wake up. Come to his senses and get back to that. Monster is behemoth that he used to be and try to offer him spy and imperium and then remember imperium members they ultimately turned on alexander. Wolf beat the crap out of him. Wolf is now on tv but then we find out wolf got released from the wwe. So you got imperium. That's continuing on walter Nowhere to be seeing there but you got those other two guys imperium. That's best 'continuing represent go on strong and you know what i'm saying. It was kind of like the one of the last chapters that you saw that was going on near with that. Whole imperium dane maverick saga and then the same..

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