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The mayor you came from the state legislature in texas you know how has harvey change the conversation greg abbott the governor of texas not particularly inclined to talk about climate change is do you just you talk about it in different languages mayor suarez was saying i don't know we talk about it in different languages i think climate change has a way of making things bipartisan and what i mean by that when it went in when we fled it in twenty fifteen there was certain geographical areas that were flooded primarily in your the poor areas the tax day flood on april seventeenth or twenty sixteen same about the same and so there were the areas were still hi indra but harvey said let me be indiscriminate and so when harvey came in fifty one inches of rain fail if you were in poor neighborhood you already on the margins you got pushed down you flood it if you were in the affluent communities you really flat sugarland to from from the north west the northeast side of town you flat it it didn't say you are republican neighborhoods so we got a bad pash it it came it came down and so now you have all of these families and all of these neighborhoods that have been adversely affected and they don't want flat again and then you want the.

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