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DR Levin at one eight hundred seven four seven free. That's one eight hundred seven four seven three seven three main office Fort Lauderdale. CBS twelve meteorologist, Kate wentzel, generally quiet and dry conditions for this Thursday evening, saying, breezy are wins out of the east around fifteen overnight. Lows dropping into the mid seventies by coast, upper sixties far inland, then more at the same on Friday with mostly sunny skies. High temps warming into the mid and opera eighties with winds out of the east as high as twenty miles per hour. Traffic and weather together on the fives. Mornings in severe weather when it happens news talk, eight fifty. W. F. T L. Stay connected. Independent thoughts independent life. This is Chad Benson. Hey, how you doing? My name's Greg Knapp. I'm in for Chad on the Chad Benson show. Eight four four dig Chad get you onboard eight four four dig, Chad. You can also dial in on the internet, the chatshow dot com and the Twitter handle at Chad Benson show. Lots of ways to be part of it. Chemla Harris trying to be relevant. Eight really is hoard their seven hundred eighty six Democrats running for office, and that's just for president. So it's hard to stand out. You've got to do something to get the left to notice you and camel Harris has been trying really hard. She's very upset that Joe Biden has talked about, maybe even.

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