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News fair and balanced Stay connected with one oh six one FM talking iheartradio station I Mike maverick Cleveland county deputy Tim SIMS who were shot in the face last week. Is back home deputy SAM's was rushed to the hospital last Tuesday after an encounter with a man outside of business. On highway seventy four the sheriff, called the alleged shooter a violent. Thug federal deputies and, family welcome SIMS back home after his release from a hospital, over the weekend Raleigh police have a press. Conference, scheduled for today to talk about six of their officers involved. In a violent confrontation with a man who was possibly. Mentally ill a video surfaced Friday appearing to show officers kicking stopping and using batons to beat forty four year old Frederick, hall Paul was charged with resisting arrest assault and physically injuring an officer the. Raleigh NWPP's says the actions of. The, officers, in this case were not justified. And they're calling for, transparency in the investigation, Greensboro police are investigating a double, homicide, at a, local apartment complex The scene unfolded Friday night near west, gate city boulevard in Farmington drive that's where Donnie, McCoy and Alexis Jackson were killed police have not released any information on a possible suspect and. They're asking anyone who knows something about the shooting to call the Greensboro PD a multimillion dollar renovation project on a Charlotte shelter is complete the men's shelter of. Charlotte North Tryon street reopened on Saturday after five month refurbishment the major renovations included an overhaul of the sleeping areas. A new roof and new heating, and air the shelter's executive director. Says that it's now, a space where the men can feel good about starting over, stay connected by following us on social media. Go. To one zero six one FM talk dot com to connect After near record, rainfall in some places yesterday it looks like another day of downpours here the afternoon scattered thunderstorms coming up from, the south west six degrees another night a. Storms tonight and tomorrow some with gusty winds in small hail and then we kind of clear things out. For mid week I'm Scott Lawrimore the Weather. Channel on one zero, six one FM talk.

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