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My character deserves more than this. I wanted to reason why Jamie Lancaster like fuck. Boy, just after deciding and announcing everyone, he's going to stay in winter. Full with brianna tar, which hosting. Hosting a much just needed a reason as to why he woke up in the middle of the night. And just laughed at Saint like without planning on saying anything I needed. A reason why this whole like Jon snow being the rightful heir. Target area was like a story line, when it ended up being worthless, and you have to know that I need a major explanation as to why brand is king, because he served no hair, the beginning, he's like you lose like literally was like Tyrian. You're my favorite one of my favorites. And you literally came out and said, hey, let's use this guy has a great story, even though he hasn't used any of his superpowers the whole entire time in a million people have gotten killed and he could have just been, like, hold on. I'm going to go into a raven or bunny or something. And just see what the future is. Do you think he's a night, king? It doesn't matter anymore. No, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter anymore. I, I need so many answers about, like, there's just so much more. I need to like one thirty seconds of Tyrian organizing chairs. You know what I make sure I felt that there were times, where I was, like, come on, let's move, but I felt that way would decide what the finale. Allie of not sex in the city because that was election with sopranos. It was like, why are we time on this story, like let's get meet and boats. Because as as ending you're freaking out like it. Can't end like this like, wise. It's an don't even get me started on sopranos like worse. I was watching that, right? I watch it every day every day every night. So wait. So I get. So I finally get bullied by you society, the world to try desperately to at least watch one of the episodes of game of thrones like live with, with everyone because one billion people, right? I read, I don't remember. I didn't read what, how long as the series whatever what's it called the, the beginning episode the premiere. Okay. And then someone pointed out to me that the person that wrote that article. So it it was a wrong stat. It was not a billion. It was like seventeen point nine million which is still a lot. But that's not. I haven't heard a billion. I have not heard that. So it was written by somebody who you and I, both know who I believe is a in my opinion allegedly is, somebody who wise a lot. That's all I want to say about that. Okay. Can you believe then I know so I. Novi. I've waited I waited sixteen minutes and twenty seven seconds to get to this point. So I can't even say this, I blame is. But I mean yeah it's it's searchable I guess, but we're not saying it. Yeah. In my opinion, allegedly. Okay. But I click bait house over click bait right now over click bait. It's like it's a lazy way of reporting. I agree. It is so often crazy, the amount of things that get started rumors it get started, and people believe them because they see the click bait on Twitter, and don't even read the article yet. And then they just read that headline as fact, and I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa. And then it causes fights with my friends, because they see all these people tweeting negative things are stories. Now that the world we live, that's awful. Which is Teri. It's horrendous. I know. And people are like the mutual person wins on even friends, I've never even met that certainly known a friend. I've technically never met this person. But I know of this fertile. I just like they're actively contributing to click bait and headlines being a story because they're just trying to further their own careers allegedly, allegedly. I'll we're not even naming it name. We don't even say I'm just doubling down on safety you ever so over that over SUV too. Just like be honest. Can't we just tell the truth?.

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