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The world has been seen as a success with theresa may and the foreign secretary boris johnson who isn't always praised for his diplomatic skills say who says whatever it is i call them what an extraordinary thing the foreign secretary had been talking about his labor opposite number emily thornberry who's married to the judge sa christopher nucci but the speaker john berko said he didn't want name calling in the commons chamber we do not address people by the titles of spouses shadow foreign secretary has a name and it's not lady something we know what her name is and it is inappropriate and frankly sexist to speak in those terms i'm not having eight in this chamber mr berko seemed more relaxed about another breach of the rules the applause that greeted his comments boris johnson said he apologized unreservedly indulge just a prostrate myself before you to enter politics rainy in versus a sexism more discourtesy addy insisted he had meant new home sean curran reporting on yesterday in parliament you can hear more as usual on long wave and on one nine on one nine eight long wave rather and on digital radio half past eight as usual coming up time is now ten to seven it is indeed and it's time for today's puzzle for today it's been set by the spectrum secrets agency entrance exam which you may recognize from lauren child's novels about the code breaking genius ruby redford here it is spectrum have sent you a new credit card but in order to find out the pin you have to crack the following mathematical puzzle the pin is the smallest number can be written as the sum of two qb numbers in two different ways.

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