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Becky Lynn. Here is our top story about Phoenix Suns run to the championship tonight about dinnertime. Everybody in Phoenix will be hungry for an NBA title. And there's a lot of really good players on this team. So you have that additional hunger that sort of matches the fan base because obviously the sons have never won either. Ktrs Peter same or is live again at Phoenix Suns Arena. Well, Becky this playoff season. The sons are 12 and four and they have lost two games in a row just three times since January. To say they are hot is an understatement. But Luke Lipinski with 98 7 FM Arizona Sports station tells our Mike Broom head. The sons must still win fast. If Milwaukee goes out there and wins tonight that allows them to rest Yonas some more and when you start to get two games 345 in the series, there's bigger breaks between the games. So there is some pressure on the sun tonight to take care of business. I think they will. Bucks superstar Yannis onto the Campo is questionable For tonight. The sons are all healthy and guess who's playing at halftime tonight. It's going to be young M. C and he lives in Scottsdale, at least for the last 15 years. And he's the latest local talent to perform at halftime during the Sun's incredible playoff front tip off at six Live at Phoenix Suns Arena, Peter Sam or to to our news and our state is about to get a huge economic boost, thanks to the Sun's making it to the NBA Finals. Ktrs Griselda. Latino joins us live from the news center with more as you. Economics professor Dennis Hoffman believes the biggest impact to our state's economy will come from the exposure on our state will get from this. And given the international participation of players in the NBA. Now this is an exposure the Cascades across the planet, he believes that could lead to more people wanting to visit, move or do business here. Valley economists Ella Pollack agrees. People tend to pick up things from watching TV. They like the area. They like What they see They like what they hear. Live in the news centre. I'm Griselda City. No okay to our news. And if you are heading into downtown Phoenix, you can expect a lot of traffic delays this afternoon, thinks police sergeant and Justice says with the sons and the D backs playing tonight. I really encourage you to plan ahead encourage people to utilize public transportation. The light role is available, as well as rideshare app or designated drivers just to help with you know that the congestion downtown justice encourages fans to also look at what bags or items can be brought into the arenas. You don't want to get caught downtown and Not be able to take that bag into the arena. All right, Let's check traffic. Here's Larry Lewis in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center. Yeah, back England and to add on to that we're seeing a closure. Already. Jackson Street is closed due to the ball game tonight Down at Phoenix Suns Arena to Jackson's closed in between Central and third Street. It's not a heavily traveled area, but it's going to take one of your alternates away. So if you're trying to get through that area, get with Lincoln. Maybe even Van Buren. Of course, you're going to see a lot of extra traffic on Jefferson and Washington, Of course, seventh Street and Central as well. Now we're all Also dealing with a few crashes out there, including Bell Road at 19th Avenue in the North Valley. Baseline at Seventh Avenue. You've gotta crash another wreck 27th Avenue, North Thomas and watch for a collision just in. Looks like this is going to be Glendale right around 95th Avenue. This report sponsored by Amoco transmissions and Total Car care. Don't Lose your cool this summer. Get an A C tune up for only 89 18 this and am CO Arizona dot com for your special offer.

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