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Of the things. That's going on it's on every cable channel right now is the funeral service. For John McCain right, now they're. Singing amazing grace I think you've got a little. Bit, of that Blake we'll bring. It up here Hey Young students singing at the. Church there are north Phoenix and we're going to see continued coverage of this for the hour or so that it's going to go. On we will in the one o'clock hour recap some of this for you because there will be some dignitaries that are going to speak of the Joe Biden is the one is probably the biggest name of who is going to speak today at the, funeral the motorcade traveled from the state. Capital remember it was the, casket was there in the rotunda yesterday as the body traveled from the capital to the. Church for the second day of a memorial, services there were people on the side of the road waving American flags and almost like campaign type signs along the side of that road. There I understand having several days, of memorials and services but that's gotta be a really rough thing to go through if you're a member of the family because you're. There Either way. John McCain's mother is one hundred and six years old. And is, going, to be at the service in Washington DC think, about that a hundred and six years old everybody, describes her is completely, capable and. Ready to go I mean unfortunately she lived to see, the death of her son which I don't think any parent. Would would want but just an amazing amazing woman so We have heard about. Threats. Made to different newsrooms abound around the country around. Actually the globe and the latest one comes to us. From right, down, the street Encino a guy from Encino facing federal, charges for threatening to shoot Boston Globe employees whom, he called an enemy, of the. People The globe was, the one to launch that. National newspaper campaign in. Support of the free press in the first amendment is name's Robert Cheney sixty eight from Encino arrested today without incident at his home by FBI swat team it's. Not, every day in Encino that FBI swat roles in even I would have I guess they've got him it's all their major LA they of course they would have one yeah but when's the last time. You ever saw an FBI. Swat team inaction period Let alone in someplace like Encino he's charged with a single count of making a. Threatening communication in interstate commerce scheduled to appear this afternoon in court and will eventually. Be, arraigned in, Boston and district court there this guy was making, some threatening calls to the Boston Globe newsroom, on August twenty second for example he stated that his threats would continue at quote as. Long as you, keep, attacking the president the duly, elected president of the United States in the continuation of your treasonous. And seditious acts FBI says listen you can express your opinion but it, goes over the line when you threaten to kill people fourteen threatening, calls, to the globe between. August tenth and August twenty, second my question, is why did we wait till. The. Thirtieth to go hey this guy a visit maybe he was under surveillance possibly Yeah I would imagine there's some point where they go listen. We, know that, this guy from Encino is not gonna attack anybody, from the Boston Globe and the very first, phone call I would imagine got a visit this from this the FBI visited this guy. After the first, one, the calls are straight out, of the moist line profane lewd peppered with anti gay slurs in. One call on August thirteenth he said we are going to shoot you, blank in the head you Boston Globe blank shoot every blank one, of, you where I said. Blank cert- blank I say f Yeah Blank On August sixteenth, said you're the enemy of the people were going to kill every. Blank one of, you, hey why don't you call the f. why don't you call Muller maybe can help you out? Buddy still there. F. Alright why you're gonna trace my. Call what are? You gonna. Do f you ain't gonna do. Effort blank In terms of, what the president has said about the enemy of, the the media being. The enemy the people he needs to be more specific I don't have a problem, within saying, it I know that there are clearly people out there who out to get this president but he's gotta be able to. Say as doing it to be incendiary though he's doing it to. Provoke people like this Robert chain outta Encino but what he needs to do is he and. When you press him on this he'll say there are reporters who are out to get me instead of painting the news media. As everyone is out to get him there's got to be if he wants to, name, names name name, there've been reporters out to get every sitting president is as far back, as this country goes this is just a president that can't handle. Any criticism whatsoever, and, wants everybody on his side against whoever his opposition as I I'm curious to know if someone's? Going to get. In. The president's here and say hey? By the way? This guy. Used your language to make a, threat I could. Probably dig it I think he'd probably like it I really do. Well sick coming up next speaking of losing grip on reality musk I think he needs to. Go to a wellness center I think he knows the needs to go to burning man like the week after it's over and. Just kind of sit alone for a while I think he just needs sleep sleep, center, okay sounds nice, I think UCLA has one of those don't they Unclear might be busy though. Gary and Shannon KFI AM six forty all. The craziness that is Elon Musk when we return. Monica Rix has an update on a fetus has been found in the toilet at a Ralphs grocery store in, Sherman oaks police, interviewed the woman they say they believe is the mother but say no crime was committed applications for unemployment, benefits are out the Labor Department says two hundred thirteen thousand. People in the US filed first-time claims last week for job benefits that's three thousand more than the week before and basically in line with what economists were expecting and Peter wants. To set up a granite roadside memorial, in made were lobsters? Were killed in a truck. Crash police estimate forty five hundred. Lobsters died in that crash last week. Peterson to rendering to highway officials of a, five-foot tombstone encouraging folks to go vegan.

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