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By the tax man in spain yes k very much like messy was a argentina he exactly so the source told afp espn that he wanted to leave said quote he is outraged feels great indignation with all the speculation about for example the tax story and he believes he was unfairly and disproportionately singled out as an example despite having voluntarily paid taxes he is in fact a victim of persecution in spain and the situation has reached its limit with so much injustice so he is determined to leave spain yes let's see what will happen but he is very very mad with all these things so vance that that's the that's so the impetus behind this is the tax thing it's not necessarily a rare it's an we haven't seen anything that suggests that it's anything wrong with rao madrid or him looking at another club somewhere else on wanting to go there it is almost solely based on his tax situation which the the operative thing in there is that it's eased tired of the way he perceives as persecution in spain would you agree with you wanna do the top four we'll we'll get into this we'll get into wyoming were already wron okay rory so it's fine do you if you're christiana rinaldo would you feel the same way because i re i dug into this a little bit and i think he has a point okay i i look i don't know i have a copacetic relationship with the irs mayo i just pay my taxes idaho they never know my name i don't i don't owe back taxes i haven't been audited knock on wood i don't make enough for them to really to catch on their radar like we're lucky we got what we got out of the kaufman guy right here you know it here's a little some think go by yourself something nice the ira's tells me every year so i i don't know i mean it all right that that's fine if you feel that way i i'm not gonna call chris shower rinaldo liar i feel like persecution is a little bit strong the treaty unfairly there are plenty of people in this country that feel like they're tree but cleverly by the ira let's go back to the semantics of the word persecution 'cause you and i both believe that data's probably he used to strong.

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