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Act This is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update The White House climate program will reportedly be cut entirely from the multi $1 trillion spending bill that stalled in Congress A report in The New York Times says the Biden administration's reconsidering the climate agenda because of strong opposition by one senator from Cole rich West Virginia Joe Manchin The president's climate program would replace coal burning power plants with wind solar and nuclear energy The Senate has been evenly split by the two parties on the issue all Republicans against it so every democratic vote is needed A Houston Texas deputy is dead two others are injured after what's been described as an ambush shooting in Houston early today Brian gannon has details The three Harris county constable deputies were working an extra shift at a bar when they went outside to investigate a disturbance as they did they were shot from behind by a man with a rifle Harris county precinct four constable Mark Herman says the person responsible needs to be held accountable I hope for swift and quick justice for that individual because he ambushed my dad's a person of interest was taken into custody but police have not said whether they are a suspect or a witness In Texas I'm Brian gan Authorities in Florida are ramping up the search for Brian laundry this morning The person of interest in the death of his fiance Gabby patito for the first time yesterday investigators had the entrance to the Carlton nature reserve take off with several vehicles and officers with long rifles in the nature reserve laundry came home September 1st from across country trip with petito who was later found dead in Wyoming A Netflix employee has been fired after disclosing confidential information about the purchase of a Dave Chappelle special The streaming service company saying Friday the unnamed employee shared confidential and sensitive information outside the company that after Bloomberg news reported Netflix spent $24.1 million out of the special released on the platform last week called the closer It's been considered transphobic to some viewers which may play into the disclosure I'm Scott Carr New data from the Centers for Disease Control says the risk of death for someone who is unvaccinated in August was 11 times higher than a person who was vaccinated against COVID The figures also looked at an individual's risk of testing positive and being hospitalized Those who didn't get the shot were 6 times more likely to come down with the virus a Long Island New York resident is dead following an outbreak of legionnaires disease Liz Warner reports Nassau county executive Laura occurrence says Department of Health disease investigators are on the ground and working as quickly as possible to identify the source of the outbreak that sent at least ten people to the hospital The infections occurred in a one mile radius near the wonton Levittown border legionnaires is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria that grows in warm water based plumbing systems like hot tubs cooling towers and decorative fountains that are not properly maintained Actress Katie Segal is recovering after being hit by a car while crossing the street in Los Angeles TMZ says the driver of the vehicle stopped to help the Sons of Anarchy actress and she was taken to the hospital for treatment The outlet reports her injuries were not serious She's expected to be okay A South Carolina school teacher has been arrested after edibles were found in a school prize box Scott kimbler has that 27 year old Victoria Weiss has accused of having marijuana edibles in a classroom prize box Deputy say they received a report of edible marijuana being selected in a classroom at rocky creek elementary Watch Fox 57 news reporting the students selected the lace candy from a prize box and was asked by Weiss to choose something else The student then picked yet another package of marijuana edible She's now charged with possession of a schedule one drug The student is said not to have eaten any of the marijuana candies A $2500 reward has been posted in Louisiana for the gunman who shot two American bald eagles The state's department of wildlife and fishery says the birds were shot by a small caliber firearm because the American bald eagle is protected the shooter faces up to a year in federal prison I'm Scott Carr And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg news room Judges are being asked to order hospitals to give COVID patients the deworming drug Ivermectin We get more about that from Bloomberg's Denise Pellegrini At least two dozen lawsuits have been filed around the U.S. many in recent weeks by people seeking to force hospitals to give their COVID stricken loved ones the parasite drug This even though there's no conclusive evidence Ivermectin actually helps people with the virus Some judges have refused to order hospitals to give Ivermectin Others have ordered medical providers to give the medication despite concerns that it could be harmful to Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg radio Netflix says it fired an employee for sharing confidential and commercially sensitive information outside of the company More from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet On Netflix officials said the information was cited in a story by Bloomberg in an October 13th article Bloomberg cited internal documents that showed a comedy special by Dave Chappelle had an impact value of 19.4 million meaning it cost more than the value it generated The documents reviewed by Bloomberg also discussed how Netflix evaluates its programs with an efficiency score that balances the show's reach with its price tag Charlie pellet Bloomberg radio A statewide.

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