President Trump, John Walker Lindh, Democrats discussed on WIBC Programming


Gridlock? I'm dill Walters. Fox News, the meeting was supposed to be about infrastructure. It ended when the president stormed out of the meeting with House, Democrats, the bottom line lot, not going to get done. Democratic leaders insists air, raid to hold serious talks and infrastructure with the president. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer told reporters what happened in the White House would make your jaw drop. We got in the room. The curtains were closed. The president, there was a place for him at the front. So he could stand right before the scheduled meeting Democrats huddled at the capitol and talked in peach mint house speaker, Nancy Pelosi has been arguing against going down that road in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News on the president saying the gridlock will continue unless and until Democrats drop their investigations all of this on the day, when legislators in New York voted to allow congress to look at the president state taxes, once that Bill signed into law and on the day when another federal judge saying congress has a right to see the president's financial records. In this case from Deutsche Bank and Capital, One, John Walker Lynn so called American Taliban set to be released from prison, the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana from which John Walker Lindh now, thirty eight years old is expected to walk free tomorrow. Having served eighty five percent of his sentence. Linguists I discovered after a prison uprising in the northern part of Afghantistan. He was indicted on ten charges pleaded guilty to only one aiding the Taliban carrying weapons in Afghanistan. Leaked documents reported by foreign policy magazine, say lend still advocates global jihad and translates extremist tax an American operative. Mike Spann was killed in that prison uprising the daughter of that agent Allison tells Fox News that the early release of John Walker. Lindh feels like a slap in the face. She believes that Lynn could have warned Mike Spann something was happening at that prison and John Walker Lindh, of course on the United States. Most won a terrorism list for years as the war.

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