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And the Brooklyn dodgers radio and television booths and you had an opportunity then in one thousand nine hundred eighty three to do the world series and at that time you were only twenty five years old and you became the youngest man to broadcast a world series game. I have talked Duke Snider and others about the ebbets field and about the Brooklyn community. Tell me a little bit about your view of it about the stadium itself because you had the polo grounds. You had the Yankees in Yankee Stadium and then you had the bombs of course over at ebbets field. Well divall in order to explain why. I had the opportunity at that tender age in nineteen fifty. Three Red Barber was the senior announcer. In fact I mean he was the legendary wreck Barbara and well however he felt that after all the years of doing the world series he felt he should get more money In those days we would see two hundred dollars a game. That's all and red. Felt that I had done so many of them that he wanted more money. And the people behind the broadcast it happened to be the Gillette safe to raise a company and they they did not agree with red so he was not gonNa do it county desmond. Who is the number two announcer and a marvelous announce it could easily have been a number one Founding had had problems with Gillette in the past so they were going to overlook him and my phone rang and all of a sudden. I'm offered the world series in nineteen fifty three was an overwhelming offer. But I did not want to get caught in the Labor negotiations and cutting the legs out from red and or counties consideration so I I called red I explained and he said then I want you to accept it. You have my blessing has nothing to do with you. They are not going to do what I want. And so you should take it then. I got the blessing from Connie and then I called back to Gillette and said I'll be honored to do the world series and I was GonNa work with a favorite of mine. A Wonderful Guy Mel Allen. Who is the voice of the Yankees but they of game one of the world series and I had only done ice boy inkling of innings on television during the year and I can remember. It was five minutes ago. I had a big Irish breakfast My mother always believed that record was the most important meal of the day and I had this big meal. Mccain's all in the daytime and those days and I finished the meal and excuse myself went up stairs to get dressed and immediately everything up. It was nerve overwhelming. May however when I got the Yankee Stadium all of a sudden that sounds and the smells and being with now calm me down a great deal and I was able to get through it now in epic. Feel the.

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