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Hello everyone and welcome to talk nerdy today is monday january twenty second and i'm your host cara santa maria and not only in my time travelling right now i'm also teleporting i guess that's the right word because currently i am in the netherlands filming for national geographic but this week's episode you guys is so good i got to recorded last week in person which is great i always happy when i get to record episodes in person because there's just a special kind of magic that i i know i don't believe a magic potion issaquah maybe that is a better way to put it that happens when you get to look into somebody's eyes but before we talk about that i want to thank those of you may talk nerdy possible this week remember talk nerdy is and will always be one hundred percent free to download that's because of the support from listeners like yourself many of you support the show you've gone to patriotic dot com and youth pledged any amount fifty sense a dollar per episode five dollars per episode ten dollars represented some of you awesome people even pledge fifty one hundred twenty five dollars i'm gonna go ahead and give you a shout out right now that includes filty bear pedro amorous audio barbosa jeffrey peres charles pay it jonathan right christian jeffrey the honorable husband jae f gabrielle philippi to mule gonzalez brian holden and last but definitely not least jeffrey sue a big shout out to jeffrey sewell your support has been incredible and in many ways you've singlehandedly helped to this podcast keep trucking along guys if you wanna hear and aim at the top of the show you just gotta go to patriotic dot com and pledge our support in any amount over twenty five dollars and there's a new store in the works so soon we're gonna have lots of cool new talk nerdy swag if you have recommendations or interests in the kind of swag that you think i should sell in the store dropped me a line at shop talk nerdy gmailcom i'd love to hear from you.

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