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You know they were from up north little town near route we would then my uncle team for mentally and he had taught my dad did he told my uncle with me at my calls and we always do and D. slight call with days we get together at my grandmother's there in that little town and we would play a patriotic music and our band used to get concerts like amber sales and things but I think we you know I yeah I I really you know tomorrow I I really wanna you know I really miss those times you know they they played the stuff that like you hot and the Ohio River boat but I know years ago were little bay and I I got the the privilege of going on the tall statue does something that my dad's family and they you know saluted the flag and we do this in our band but I I I think we celebrate our independence and in different ways and it's always been music I think for a lot of Americans that's the one time that a not only do they tolerate you expect to hear patriotic music to the John Philip Sousa us yeah Hey right and that that's a part of it Dick I'm glad you called and I'm glad you saluted your family and I'm glad it is enjoyable there is well there's a short story Bonnie get short story that talks about the comfort that we feel when we're in groups of like minded people.

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