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Even complaining about this dot com new to put that out 'cause they knew it will cause a up rage and it would just traffic and they have people talking about it. And that's what they take you once again for unit for using a university of Miami. But see, but you're you're playing into it to get some things flowing again. 'cause you know, everybody has to come back to the us for something like the Bank or do something. We used to it for years. Now you grew up in New Jersey, you understand how the media works, you're from gear the media cap off the world. I mean it we've, we do need income for letting it was all the hoax. Miami's really, number one now, bright, you one were with Bryant mckinnie. You won the outland trophy two thousand one which goes the best lineman, offensive or defensive in college football. One of the great honors in the sport. You were a first team all American in two thousand and two thousand one. You wanna Super Bowl with the ravens as we said, Super Bowl, forty, seven. But before you got to Miami, you played at a small college in Scranton Lackawanna college. Was it like making the transition from Lackawanna to Miami in the big east? I'm. I'm glad with the one. I taught me a lot of things being in toughness. One of the things we didn't have all the big fence studies. You can go in there and have a whole bunch trainers work on your stuff like that. It was like, I have to call his brain recall, where should I do a help? You know, it's raining, elevate ice, put an on stuff like that. So one thing I learned why was like wanna was my coach. Obviously, you came into club in the two, and that means you basically came to teams, go train, you know? So that kinda stuck in my mind, let the whole my whole career. 'cause if anybody knows anything about me, I've never missed the game before injury. So I play through thing and I'm gonna tell you what's funny. I'm now like, you know, you're found like my line of duty and things like that. So I had to get 'em is and stuff on my body. So I'm actually finding out doubt paid for more injuries than I was aware of and somebody down if I would have played. Through if I know about it. But I did for instance that a broken ankle. One time that I was told me I had higher spring, but when I had to get my, you know, body them and that can be like, well, where's your ankle? And I'm very mindful this year. We're going back and forth, and I never broke my ankle and he's like, yes, she didn't. I despise it every. Here's a little tennis. I'm like, I know when my ankle, but it was never told me that. So now all like things that is a little different. But, hey, I was able to, you know, to get the ruining and and and miss games for. And then I think there was based on just the middle of the during the we've been speaking with the two thousand one outlive frothy winner from the national champion hurricanes of the university of Miami. Clearly the greatest college football team of the BCS era. It's really been a pleasure speaking with you. Bryant, you've got my vote. I feel just as agreed as you do about Texas being number one, your outrage to outraged. Thanks Bryant of to talk again down the line. I'm Jeremy shop and you can listen to new additions of the sporting life every Saturday and Sunday morning on ESPN radio and ESPN app beginning at six AM eastern time..

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