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Naperville Chrysler. Jeep Dodge Ram. Here's Bill Durant wish the Edens. Inbound just at a nineteen minute pace from lake cook into the Kennedy. The outbound side is only going to cost you twenty one to to lake cook. You just happened the brakes as you approach Dundee because of an earlier stall that's now queer Kennedy inbound forty eight minutes from O'Hare to downtown. It's thirty five minutes in from the junction on the outbound side ten out to Montrose. You're looking at twenty five minutes out to O'Hare on the Eisenhower inbound fifty minutes from route three ninety downtown thirty one in from Mannheim, the outbound side thirty-three demand. Hind thirty nine out rather a thirty forty nine minutes out to three ninety on the Stevenson inbound forty nine minutes. Three fifty five to lakeshore drive thirty nine in from the tri-state thirty minutes out to three fifty five. The Dan Ryan inbound at thirty two minutes from ninety fifth into downtown your outbound, Dan Ryan time is eighteen from downtown to the split fifty seven inbound twenty two for my. Eighty with the seven heavy as you approach that earlier crash now off on the shoulder there. It's nineteen minutes from the Dan Ryan out to I eighty the Bishop Ford about nineteen minutes from ninety four to the merge. Lakeshore drive northbound slow from the Stevenson through grand park, southbound heavy Irving park before Chicago avenue, the tri-state towing northbound on the brakes from the Stevenson the past Ogden, but the southbound side looking good the Jane Addams and Reagan toys are both all clear both east and westbound moving at the speed limit on three fifty five northbound yourself from sixty third to Ogden southbound slow past north avenue Butterfield, and you're jam seventy five to fifty five on a route fifty three and I eighty everything is looking great no delays in northwest, Indiana, right now, you're looking good on eighty ninety four the toll road and I sixty five traffic sponsored by Naperville Chrysler. Jeep Dodge Ram Naperville Chrysler Jeep dodge ram's big finish sales event is on new. Jeep Grand Cherokee limited are just two ninety nine a month. One thousand vehicles are in stock thirty six month lease 39.99 down on select models with approved credit, plus tax, title, license, and doc fee. Get traffic and weather together. On the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven hundred one point nine FM,.

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