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Still have the clip from the golden globes from the other night journalists are Ricky Ricky Jr vase of course you know it's the first got famous by doing the office right you know their version of the other European or the lightning was for if you call English English first well I'm not sure the U. K. version okay I would say okay okay yeah so I mean look at very famous removing all right here in the US which was a take off of receipt whatever and if you've seen the office it is as funny if not funnier than the the the one here that are you yeah the you know what I like I don't like the accent you don't have the access it is just is was just laying the mainstream media and the golden globes are basically this comes up to the thing that changed her so I've been talking about for twelve years on the air I want to start a website a long time ago called shut up an act dot com and shut up and sing dot com because I don't think people who saying and people who act need to be lecturing me on what I eat what I believe what I believe like a superstar like Tom Hanks I did not get that vibe from that he was going to come up to lecture me was gonna take as warden be cool and and you know start another name thing I don't I didn't hear any the last political you know like there's there's the strap there's like a million Ross Strattera wow do you get recognized a like a coffee shop we're lucky if we're lucky then there is like in the mid range mouthy yeah and then there's the superstars who really don't really say much now I mean think about that is Sean Connery ever been political keeper to know Tom Cruise known Tom other time Mister Rogers Tom Tom Hanks you know Meryl Streep I suppose a little bit well right but I mean honestly so that change search engine for some is a contributor of news course he he's an author he's a law professor he's an attorney he's written two books that kills one goes what did you think about that James and I loved it I do hear the I mean it was you know it is Russ goes very well all good comedy has true granite and reviewed your base I mean they knew what they were getting when they hired and I think he's done it five times and he always here is a walking Roach we're going to attack the audience could attack all the celebrities why use content focused on Hollywood hypocrisy and because of that he got a tremendous response to pull a fast glance canister plants you not all the people we talk about politics we're so polarized instill richer vase who you know he attacked him Alan Imad did you hear you attacked all kinds of people but because he had the nerve to kind of make fun of the Hollywood left on the social media they started calling him all right winger now is the guy who couple of years ago voted for Jeremy Corbett in England who is to the left of Bernie Sanders yeah he's a social graces is there is not a single right wing cell in his body so here responded on Twitter and said Hey look I'm talking to a bunch of hampered rich people and I'm pointing out corporate corruption I didn't think that was right warning I thought this is what liberals love yeah well you know you know but my favorite line of the night was he he said if ISIS started a streaming service you people would run you call your agent I don't know what I thought was brilliant because it exposes the fundamental hypocrisy that these people will sell their relative to get ahead in a very tough business but they're selling out there's no laying out the Silicon Valley and you know so and then they're turning around with sanctimonious like Patricia Arquette did even if this award show and lectures the country on foreign policy now I don't know what hi he she has in that area question for you James if you go back because I remember when we go to the movies and watched you know I was a kid Butch Cassidy and asking right Kelly are you watch you know even lethal weapon with a Danny Glover is Mel Gibson or was I don't remember the politics be like this I remember do yelling coming on stage on time with tennis shoes and and for the Oscars was was it always like this or was it just because we're a pretty he divided era right now what was Hollywood and music's always from I mean obviously the music going back has obviously been you know start with a sixty start with protesters are what about Hollywood we used to be common ground movies were kind of a place where there were there were in look our communities are generally traditionally left of center that's the way it's always been in our communities and so the people that fancy themselves as being artists were attracted to these sort of left wing causes and that's why Charlton Heston back in the old days he said that that he was a quote closet conservative borrowing a term from the gay community saying he had to hide basically yeah police and people still do in Hollywood but xcelerated during the trial to the point where would people would turn into a show that was the stance of belief for giving awards involving entertainment they're giving a lecture on I'm not just on politics but on morality on what's right and wrong yes it's so with Ricky case he hit that mirrors essentially being there is absolutely the wrong people to be lecturing it was interesting that Joaquin Phoenix got groans because he's seriously wasn't joking he said you know maybe it would be a good idea if we didn't fly in private jets well I mean he's saying the same thing I mean although you know walking fizzle wacky but I mean I love that guy I'm I'm an actor looking who's a gladiator a lot you belong that's what I want to like about an actor work but he also that he went off of the thing and talked about veganism but come about the problem listen if you have a guy who's who's at the top of their game or gal the top of their career if they got the money to find a project blossom I'm not and I I I think it but what I think what they were saying is what the guys that are pointed down sixteen Bucks a ticket twenty Bucks a ticket to go see your movies are not flying in private jets for the most part and the reading their own headlines and whether there to the far left of the far right they're making their own decisions and reviews and you like you and I have said James shopping that showed up in act dot com James stay right there for now to keep you over because of that because it's such a great time I'm going to head on the go Daddy and go and buy that website party out of an action a party on hold it shut up I got shot up at dot.

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