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It's twelve twenty five whether together every ten minutes on the five list hours what's going on on the one eighteen no no well tales here but there is a disabled vehicle this is on the one eighteen west in Chatsworth between desoto into paying canyon Boulevard and the disabled vehicle as C. H. P. is on the way to find out exactly where it is and if it's in lanes are not they just got the call and in Sherman oaks they're wrapping up a Sigler this is on the four oh five south the right at the west one one connector saw a little bit of slowing earlier don't see any now so the tow truck must be play in place and they're getting that tell hooked up and off the freeway also they have to deal with the light pole they got knocked down to count fans is gonna have to do that or maybe they shut it off of the freeway was partially blocking the gore point there and then in studio city on the one oh one south before Lankershim a tow truck is on the scene there to clear an action. that's over the right shoulder else a gun on the water five Easter Sapulpa Boulevard on ramp a disabled vehicle with a flat tire is in the left lane of that ram and Baldwin park ten west at Baldwin park Boulevard to hit run crash reported sees peas on the way for that and in a long pieces on the southbound side the seven ten after Alondra disable pick up truck and trailer partially blocking the right lane and in corona on the ninety one east just after Green River Road there's a truck stopped in lanes without any lights on so just be aware of that don't know if it's a construction worker or not but it is in the number one line of the fast track lights that support coming up at twelve thirty five I'm least hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio nice weather later on today few clouds to start but then we'll see highs around eighty five in LA in Orange County and it'll basically stay in the.

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