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The reason either Stay polar bears. Well, good. All the points to Kevin on this round. Nice job. The reason is because the infrared Cameras. Infrared cameras detect heat and the polar bears are so insulated because they live in such cold situations that they give off almost no heat, so an infrared camera can pick them up. Wow. See? Aren't you glad you got up this morning? I wonder how think their blubber is. Well, I think it varies from polar bears Polar bear, Jen. Um I don't know for sure, which is the best season to get the best view from the Eiffel Tower. I'm going to guess winter because there's no foil Ege Village, you know, leaves early. Full. You'd foliage. I could never say that word. Well, maybe I need to go back to school. Just to say that we're don't know. Well, it's back to grammar for you, Mrs Phillips. Please just don't give me a math question. It is not. There is a math question coming up that that is not that is not correct. Spring. You're just guessing, aren't you? So wait. It's the sunset. You're saying no the best day to get a view from the Eiffel Tower. Does not do the best season. I'm going with spring. Okay, So we've got winter spring Go with the only time I've been there a summer The answer is summer. Okay? That was a while and the reason any idea why the reason would be Cause it because they have longer days. It's because of the heat that the Eiffel Tower actually grows seven inches Every summer. I was going to be O spring s O winter, it shrinks down, so you lose a little bit of your view. You've got the shrinkage in the winter, but in this growth in the summer, Okay, So remember that next time you're booking a vacation, Okay, But this is the reason this came up because I was home talking to mice to share in my wife. And I was writing an E mail, and I said,.

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