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Sad to see this happen but it would seem to me that stan rosenberg his career is coming to an end pretty quickly when you have both the republican governor and the democratic attorney general calling for his resignation i don't i'm not someone who likes to step on people when they're down i'd rather take a swing up swing at people while they're up and standing stan rosenberg who i met only met once he came in as a guest i believe just one time here a nightside he seemed to be a very nice gentleman i guess his his choice of a partner according to a to avant abraham's column in the boston globe she writes according to the report she's quoting i guess or paraphrasing from the wednesday from wednesday's senate ethics committee report said rosenberg was convinced he could not contain the chaos hefner brought to beacon hill believed him to be mentally ill witnessed him sexualizing and berating others yet the former senate president gave his husband immense access and influence even as others counselled him to doing so as dangerous making a mockery of the socalled firewall rosenberg had out to erect between his personal and professional lives the report finds that rosenberg's lapses head destructive consequences for the senate they also had disastrous consequences for the men after allegedly sexually assaulted the senate report now brings the total to eight who said hefner implicitly or explicitly held over them the power rosenberg had given him hector was indicted in late march on multiple charges of sexual assault criminal lewdness and distributing new photographs without consent following allegations by several men first reported the boston globe that he assaulted them during the past few years a very sad story no doubt if you wanna comment on that fine i don't particularly intend to spend a lot of time on it but i will open up the phone lines real quickly and then if not we'll get back to my question of the hour which is simply going to be whether or not donald trump might win the nobel peace prize that is what i'd like i prefer to talk about so either of those topics were available six hundred seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine to nine hundred thirty bird quick.

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