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Up the next day and I continue to play with my brothers and sisters and my neighbors and my friends and interacting with my family and life went on and on until many many years later when my older brother Douglas so have you seen enough when I told him that I wanted to start a foundation foundation to help people deal with suicide and then suddenly I was woken by my mother who had come to see me FIG mail when entering that is I'm gonna have you Kevin they give us the best import you can on that because we got sorry people lining up to talk to her and then I'll just do a quick overview I think the very often that it sounds more like a vision that especially when when you're young and innocent eighty eight you're very open to the things that are non physical and the sense of things that are not so much day to day things I think you had a real vision a real experience I do believe you probably did see the angels and I think it was just to reassure your child would mind that you know your life is going to be fine and everything would be great and people I will say do have visions today and people can see angels even discarded at people who have passed away and I know it's true because I've actually seen several goes over the years so yeah I think it was a vision check some more calls here we go next to Tom in surprise Arizona west of the Rockies hi Tom go ahead well your hi how thank you so much for taking my call you walk through your service but then real pleasure listening to you over the years and I can't thank you enough for for everything that you do and bringing us all these terrific guests I wanted to ask Kevin why would I make a statement is it true that our rep that's true false question is it true that their case he read the Bible once for every year that he was alive it is true I am done I wanted to find out if is there any connection with some of his reading and maybe what might have been contained in the library of Alexandria well in terms of the library d'andrea for those who don't know with a resource for much of the world's knowledge in in ancient Greece about the mysteries of the universe of various religious traditions I would say that much of that information in terms of the case he had to say about the purposeful nous of life about creation about the various religions that he did talk about a lot of that type of information but he didn't produce any of the lost documents that were lost in that library Alexandria isn't it amazing the kind of work that Casey did and how long he carried it through it is amazing and you know there's there's many more psychics around now than when when Casey was alive but I kind of think of it as like that the four minute mile that it took a very very long time before anyone could run a four minute mile but since that time it's been done over and over again and I think that what's his work really laid the groundwork for so many incredible psychics that have come after and I I'm sure it was a lot harder for him to do it than it is for someone of the you know X. extra talent today just because he he was you know doing something novel all right thanks for that the time for a few more calls before the break let us go to Jacob in Indiana east of the Rockies hello Jake up go ahead hi George good to have you with us I have this I had this dream when I was like three and I've had it is reoccurring dream okay until I was twenty one the dream was about these tubes they were like chasing me they look like vacuum tubes kind of but but longer and wider okay and they would like chase me okay this and try to not look me inside of gosh and that was it and no when I was like sixteen they started paralyzing me in my dream okay what do you well first of all let me ask you Jacob what do you think this means well and then we'll get the expert to jump in army thinks it could be like alien contact or something Kevin what do you think well I usually go for more mundane answers and what's what what often happens when we're young is we have a we have a traumatic experience or we have a memorable experience that somehow stayed apart or memory so if I had dreamed of troops chasing me I would wonder if I was young if I had not had to shut down my throat for some kind of a problem like asthma or maybe I was having a problem that the doctors were trying to heal and that became a real memory of something being totally out of control and so what happens in our mind is anytime something's going on in our life where we still out of control that memory resurfaces and you would have the similar dream the same thing happens to adults when for example the grown up and they're dreaming about being back in an English class and there's there's a test that day the teachers passing a test and they didn't know there was a test that day it doesn't mean they have unresolved issues with school or tests or English but it's a memory pattern of what happened long time ago I didn't feel prepared for something and so in the present I don't feel prepared in that old dream we services so I would say that when you were very young something as to which will add into a child very dramatic happened where you felt like you had no control and someone was doing something to you and every time that experience resurface for you felt like you had no control and someone was doing something to you the dream resurfaced how long her dreams in terms of the time within well yes second store hours what are they not ours it's usually minutes usually minutes because we have they seem like ours yeah they can seem like hours and sometimes we can pick up a dream several times through various steps several different dream cycles as we sleep but that is usually minutes do we know that in dreams very rarely do we dream of ourselves in the dream where you can see yourself what we always do is it's almost like you're there just like you are in real life looking at something it's like you're having the experience for exactly yeah thanks Frank you can you can dream though about being other people and that's when sometimes the past life dream comes through or you can dream about being several different people in a dream and lucid dreaming of course knowing you're in the dream and you change the outcome of it change the outcome and cases of the readings would suggest to do something with higher levels of consciousness or do something spiritual that happens rather than thinking black you go to a buffet and eat all the food I want and I get that do something esoteric or metaphysical meditate or asked to speak to a great religious figure do something unusual like that all right we're gonna come back Kevin and take some final calls with you next.

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