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Your echo smart speaker just say hey alexa play wbz newsradio on iheartradio former president obama is joining the flood of a mirer saddened by the suicide of renown chef author and television personality anthony bourdain for dane was found inside his hotel room in strasbourg france yesterday morning obama tweeted up ordain todd isabel food but more importantly about its ability to bring us together he also said the chef made people a little less afraid of the unknown the former president was featured on board danes parts unknown program back in two thousand sixteen as a two men shared a meal in vietnam wbz's bernice corpuz speaks to the owner of a local restaurant where anthony bourdain filmed a segment for his travel channel show no reservations dane was doing a show about south boston eateries in twenty eleven but he took a detour to east boston when locals recommended belle isle seafood owner jim causton says his little shack on the water received international attention thanks to boarding show people from miami fly in germany israel turkey candidate he has since moved into a five thousand square foot building on winthrop's waterfront he definitely was a catalyst for that believe it or not we really picked up and it stay causton says bourdain will be i took a lot of times you celebrity chefs seem really all about themselves and i think he was just he connected with people because you seem like he was regularly in winthrop bernice corpuz wbz newsradio ten thirty four dane is the second highprofile suicide and less than a week world renowned designer kate spade honcker solve last tuesday and you government report from the cdc suicide has been on the rise in nationwide since nineteen ninety nine cvs is dr jon lapook says we have to do more to how we need to change your attitude about mental illness there we have such a stigma still attached to it you would never say to somebody who has diabetes just snap out of it snap out of your asthma but we kind of have the attitude s snap out of your mental illness just shake it off your depression you can't shake it off current data shows around sixteen out of every one hundred thousand americans will take their own life and now the.

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