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Get the vaccine. Even under the best case scenario. This is going to take several months. The other main reason, according to Do, Jin. It's the state's dedication to equity. You'll see gaps there, but you'll see that those caps I believe are narrower. And there's less disparity than you find in many of the space, according to Public Health Seattle in King County, the majority of folks over the age of 65 have been vaccinated and duty and expects those gaps too close even more as more shots going toe arms. I think Washington State was trying to be very intentional about equity in the vaccine rollout, so even as larger states like Texas and California Land open up within the next few weeks. Washington Health officials say they're going to open up May 1st and until then continue to focus on groups who have been hit the hardest by this virus. We all need to be patient as we wait to get a vaccine, Nick problem Come on, there's Vandals in downtown Seattle left messages behind for Seattle police and the chief of police, Adrian DS, a small group of protesters. One was arrested one message. Targeted chief DS himself. That message reads Adrien de as your next We reached out to both Seattle police and a spokesperson for the chief for comment, and we're still waiting to hear back. Let's go. Mosley stole reading. Police continue to investigate the shooting that left a male teen in critical condition. He was shot in the 3800 block of northeast third Court Saturday afternoon. There are no suspects in custody, but police believe the victim and suspects know each other. Major crimes, is investigating a shooting overnight and white center. It occurred in the parking lot of Empire. Hookah deputies responded found to Sean and took them to harbor view. They were in stable condition. It's not known of the victims were affiliated with the Hookah Lounge or if that's just where the gunfight occurred. Congressman Rick Larson hosted a virtual town hall Saturday with local leaders to share the impacts of the American rescue plan here in Western Washington, one of the benefits relief for renters in billions of dollars in emergency rental assistance. It's a better investment to keep people in their home. Have a roof over that rather than have nationwide nationwide eviction pandemic to go along with the covert 19 pandemic, According to a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. An estimated 11 million families are at risk of eviction here in our state governor Jay Inslee recently extended the eviction moratorium through June 30th. A Northwest couple is gone public with their secret to relationships. Success as comas, Brian Calvert tells us Apparently, all you need is pen paper and an open mind. Maintaining a relationship may not be anything like performing brain surgery, but a good, well documented plan could make the path to love a little less bumpy. So, says one couple from Vancouver. BC. I'm Aaron Robinson and I'm Kyle Davis. Both have project management experience. So when it comes to matters of the heart, they decided to inject a little logic strategy and planning. Probably the first big argument we had in our relationship, and we're struggling with whether or not we're having an argument for if we were incompatible right there is that anxiety of like, Oh, are we just not a good couple? Or is this just an argument and in the midst of it, both of us were sort of struggling to go anywhere productive. We're just sort of arguing and We both have project management backgrounds and working in strategy and development. And so he said, Why don't we just write this out like Let's put a framework in place for what our goals are? I mean, there was immediate shift in the conversation of like, Right. We need something that's gonna guide how we're making our decisions here. You could call it a spreadsheet kind of love yet seriously. It's all hand written. There's no data entry with this one. And all of it is very meaningful to Kyle and Aaron, who tells CBC radio. We had to have intentional conversation around what we imagine and then agree on our shared vision. And then really bullet point them out. Some might think this sounds a little stiff and sterile. Others see this spreadsheet love is earnest and endearing. How do you even begin to write down your hopes and dreams for your relationship? First and foremost, the most important thing is you need a bottle of wine because doing this sober, it's not always the easiest. It's always best to, you know, just being a good mind set of willing to be vulnerable, but The thing that I loved about our values. Peace was they weren't necessarily statements. They were questions and I think you Ask yourself hard questions, and you figure out the answers together like that's really the foundation of this and that's where it all needs to start. Brian Calvert colonias. Good advice. Come on news time is 4 40 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. Gonzaga is going to the elite eight. Dave Lewis has more March continues for Gonzaga, 29. Oh, and now in the elite eight after beating Creighton 83 65 do Timmy led the way with 22 points on 10 to 14 shooting the coaches mark few or not. Hung up on the undefeated thing at all. We need a way we got go undefeated from here on out. We gotta go three. You know if we want to win the championship and winning the championship, capping undefeated season, the first team to do so since Indiana and 1976 Jack to take on the winner of tonight's game featuring Oregon and USC banner Year for the Pac 12 on the women's side as well. Arizona advancing yesterday today Stanford Punch, It'd take it to the next round with a win over Missouri State. 89 62. Sports attendant 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on News. Macy's.

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