Heart Rate discussed on Selfie with Kristen Howerton & Sarah James - Hair + Body Positivity + Myers Briggs J vs. P: Selfie, Episode 04


That truly and i say that as someone who currently is over i am overweight so i'm saying all of this you know with i mean knowing that like i know i am not healthy right now and i know it's poor selfcare that i met the way hot and and i wanna be body positive and i'm positive a my body i shall i showed up all summer in my bathing suit you know i i i live in my body positively but at the same time i know that it's poor care for me to not lower my way you have to as some point put in the work or or or do the right thing as i'm talking about it with foods and i i believe in moderation with everything i am not some crazy food dieter planned follower kind of thing but at some point it really is about your health and uh you know it's just kind of figuring out how to make it all work in your own life and maybe that's where the healthy balances as if it's about your health and out about your parents because i don't want to be down on myself for the way my body looks but i am down i myself about the way my body feels yes and out the way my health is right now and about my potential for elevated cholesterol are on a potential for you know not having a healthy heart rate and all of that kind of stuff that goes along with it and so i guess that's maybe that's where we have to ferret out body positively from just a total acceptance of not being healthy.

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