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Visi eilly one Valerie in my life, Valerie twenty she grew up in my town. So I think it during the break, our just search Valerie, twelve Blay. Valerie Trombley romance writer. Probably not the same battery twenty but at least I learned something about Valerie twenty winning bestseller. Alary twenty grew up. Watching doc shadows over her mother's shoulder. From there, the fanged creatures blossomed today, Valerie's decided to take her Docker, sensual side, and to put it on paper. When she's not busy, creating a world. Full of steamy. Hot men strong seductive women. She juggled her time between her fulltime job, her hubby hubby and her German shepherd dog in northern Illinois. There is a member of the romance writers of America. And fantasy futuristic. I'm paranormal romance writers so Valerie. Is this? You, are you. Valerie, Tom Louis. Let's find out Valerie twenty and no. I'm not Valerie. Aplomb at one. Okay. So tell me about you. Yes. But I mean that's sounds very good that twelve blade that, you know. So what's, what's going on? But, you know, I just wanted to let you know that their show is just so nice and, and going so well, with the doctors and the beginning, thank you for doing that. Appreciate that. We had two people. In one was the doctor and one was a policy person to talk about pros and cons of Medicare for all. And to keep politics out of it, and just try to get some facts from people who know what they're talking about. And if it was helpful, I hope people check out the podcast and share it suggest talking podcast. So thanks. Valerie said also Cleopatra coming at ya. I said, I'll be that for you. If you want, Cleo, Patrick coming at you. But no. But seriously though. Yeah. You've had, you know, I think your show was good, Bradley. I think it's a really good one. Thank you. Yeah. And it has to do with, you know you don't such a good job. He's such a credit host. Well, thank you again. And so I wanted to kind of participate a little bit by you know, talking to you a little bit about jeopardy. All good. Yes. Of course. Big fan, big fan. Yeah. So am I and, and do you have any idea how much money just guy has won so far over two million though? Yeah because I you know, I watched the I watched the show he crushes his opponents. But, but do you think that he gets his answers from somewhere else? You think that those answers to those questions somewhere because of? So I mean, I'd like you know, check it out, more do you mean answers to? You ask if you think that I think he g it's. No, not cheat 'cause I mean, maybe there's, there's the answers to those kinda like the what the say. Well, no, I don't think I wanna compare that know somewhere. There's an answer key that, listen, the viewers can get a hold of just see I could kind of study. And then I mean, do you think there's a study guide for jeopardy? Right. I don't know. I because if there is since you don't know. Right. Since you don't know. Right. Yes. And maybe you could you know, we could possibly figure out if there is one, and then somebody could do just a job as he, he does cause some, you know, 'cause some people are kind of good in in, you know, with memory. Yeah. You know, you just kind of recall, just very quickly when you're asked the question. I know the people do prepare. I know. They, they d-, but I don't know if there's a study guide. I think maybe they just I don't know of the inside scoop on that. I. He said that somebody asked him the question like how do you know how do you how do you learn prepare for this? You know what do you do you know to, to answer the questions, you know, so well, and he said he reached children's books those questions aren't related to children's books. Yeah. That sounds like a weird. Answer to me. I'm not sure I buy that. Reads children's books. So, yeah, so maybe so I mean is there a way you can find out? I mean because maybe we find out. Maybe a listener, we'll know if you know, maybe they're inside, jeopardy people and they know whether or not as some sort of study guide. I don't know. I don't believe that children's business at all. You don't you don't believe that. What's I don't believe his answer is really? I don't believe. Does answers come from children's direct books reading reading children's books? Right. Right. Right. So I you know, I it's like it's so it's so like you even asking do you think he cheats? I don't know each each. But if there's some kind of guide, right? The people anything else. Valerie. Yeah. You know, I call 'cause I thought it was funny, all stuff that you talked about some, some people. I like how you sometimes think somebody's dressed like anti. I was just asking, you know, try to get a picture of my mind of. Joann. Joann. Waltham. No. Yes, welcome. She has blonde hair, and it's tough for me to get a home run. I think you're really funny, you know, because I, I mean, I was cracking up a lot 'cause, you know, you know, you made me laugh, and that's why I called did you. L. O L. Yeah. Well, I'm I'm more old-fashioned. Okay. Though. I know that L O L stuff is the internet stuff. Yep. Thank you. Valerie. I'm calling. You know, I only have forty five seconds, but if it's super point the, the Miller report yet. Is there any chance that you can put a little bit more? I mean, can you put that on from entirety because I missed it today, but I try to catch, you know other people talking about it. But if you get a chance, oh speech. I won't be able to give his speech. Okay. Can you do some little chunks of it? Yeah. Okay. As much as you can. All right. All right. Valerie. Steady L pick up a little smidge is not much. 'cause kind of done with that, you know, he went up. He said, I'm done. I'm out of here. Mic drop. And that's it. Busy CBS news update, another restrictive abortion, Bill in another state CBS's, Elaine Quixote has more. Louisiana house passed a Bill Wednesday, restricting abortions Bill, which passed a seventy nine to twenty three vote would ban abortions, once fetal heartbeat is detected which can be as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. The Bill also leaves no exception for rape, or incest, doctors, who violate the law could lose their medical license and face up to two years in prison. The Bill is now headed to democratic governor John Bel Edwards desk, where it is expected to be signed before passage, it was conservative versus liberals in the state legislature. Republican state Representative Valarie Hodges in Louisiana. We have a culture of love of life. Love of family in love of God. Nothing is more precious to any of us than the heartbeat. The Anna joins four other states that have also passed new bands on abortion, CBS news update, Matt piper. Hey, it's Adam Kaufman,.

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