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Like it's like I don't even know in three years like what the comedy platforms are going to be. Is it going to be? It was on Netflix Oars. Like someone else GonNa. I don't even I like to think of myself as a pioneer and I've got an idea for the next one you do. I got an idea for where it's going to go in and I'm working on it from now. Okay yeah is it like a different completely. New Platform signed a new platform. But it's a new way of doing it okay. Yeah so and it's it cuts out something. I don't want to say too much. You don't have to think much but just but just from someone who you said sort of got your start. Because in the earliest days of Youtube that was a whole new thing of realizing. Oh these things that we're putting onto the Internet are not regional. This is the Earth's Internet. Yeah I mean I didn't even put it on there. Someone else did. Yeah 'cause I'm still completely computer illiterate to this day. But that's why when you say you right on your computer. I'm like how do you do that? Like justice like I literally just be sending. I'd have to send emails to somebody in order to figure out how to send something and save it. I like that would be like. Hey Chris and I would just ignore this email. This is just me reading my act and then I would type and I would have to send it to you just so I don't lose it in the twenty two years that I've been doing standup the it's only been the last few that I've done computers before it was just I had notebooks yet. Then it just started like the Cross referencing. And where was that flipping pages and then having to bring a notebook around being terrified to lose it? You know I just I finally just turned it over to digital and I just got used to it. It's not what I would prefer to do but it just as does it feel like you're not as connected to it when you're doing it through the computer. No because I I. My brain has just found a way to connect with it in a way that that I am you relearn how to yeah well and I also I like I create file history and so like you know I'll type out. You know like jokes that I want to do for the Thursday night and a show and then on the Friday all go through and make edits and change stuff and then I'll save that as that file for that date so like I have a file history of that really kind of walks through the evolution so I don. I don't even know how to do that. I literally didn't like when I used to write out my act very early in my career. I would write it out literally if I said I would right And I was like wow I. I wish I really had those notes though. I would love to find those notes. Well it's sort of the guys like I need to write stuff down to remember them but there are the Chapelle world who are just like. I've never written anything down. Yeah it just all and I've seen him over a week. I was at the punchline once and he was also there and so they just he just kept headlining a Ni- open for him for a series of shows like ten years ago and I watched him start with this kind of Blob of a conversation. That was still funny but then over the next three days. Just Watch get whittled into this fucking sculpture of peace. And he never wrote any of it down he just remembered it and that in those reductive like three hour sets and somehow that's just how his brain works and I was so an audit because mine doesn't always like I would have to wait. What did I say? Oh I wrote it down okay. I have my assistant watching me and be like. Hey the way you did it tonight was the way to do it. You know which is helpful because in a way the idiot will text me while I'm on stay. You know what I mean like like my phone's right there and I keep it face down like this but I just sometimes flip it over to check the time and I'll see my agent my My sister techs go of something wrong. And I'm like sorry guys. I'm fucking idiot while I'm on stage. You text me but an airplane mode. Don't get smarter could say that. Was that a line. I was way out. I don't need I don't need your logical solution to dump problems so now that the special is out are you? Did you stop doing all those jokes? Oh I kinda stopped doing them. The second recorded it. Yeah well I still had some dates left so I kept that but I was like I was prepared to let it go right away and so are you already like way into the next one by now. You must be because listen. I started January. Second right with getting with going up nothing and now what are we at almost February February mid February and I think I've got about twenty minutes. Now that's great and as far as I'm a pretty good fucking amount of time to have in a month so do you is is the idea. What's your turnaround like is it. I have to be ready by June. Holy Shit. Yeah you're already shooting another special. No no no. I'm ready to tour. Oh Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha. But what's your. What's the turnaround for due respect? If you've done nine specials you must do a special about every year to know I. I've been doing them every three. Oh Wow yeah I I'm like I don't see the purpose of doing them. Every two years the material it doesn't it doesn't benefit the material. Because you have to live with it for a long time to yeah real right. Yeah I always think back to like my best specials were like when I had a little bit more time And so let's go back. There's no rush is enough specials out there for to fill the space. In the meantime probably better specials even is your plan to. Do you think you'll be a guy that does specials until like your last breath? I don't think I want to do anymore specials but I'm going to do a tenth and then you gotTa do. Yeah we'll we'll hit the nice even ten mark and then then we'll just see what happens. I mean but I always say these things. And then there'll be an eleventh and there'll be a fucking twelve Bob Newhart told me a long time ago. That what we have is a gift and that we have to share the gift it would be completely selfish of us to not share this gift with the world and he said there's no there's due date on this you share it until the until you die. I loved his the way that the first time that I had heard like a legend many many many many years ago I wrote an article for wired and I talked to a bunch of different COMEDIANS. Like him and Stephen Right. This is like before podcasts. Seen before I did a podcast so maybe even fifteen years ago and just sort of talking to them about their process and to hear this legendary comic that he would because he does these long. Act Out pieces. So I would I would build in a bailout point several bailout points and if I could get to that bailout point. People were still engaged. I would go to the next bailout but if I started to lose people then I would just bail out so essentially would write like five or six endings for every bid in heading on how in the audience was. He could just get out at the perfect moment. Wow I don't write that way. But he's a really brilliant mind and knows how to economize words perfectly. Yeah so Ten years ago I was lucky enough for him to choose me out of everybody. He chose me to be the representative for the younger generation of comics and be there for him at his induction for the fifty fifty years in film and Television and I was like so taken aback and and honored and then so we had this private dinner after an invited me. And I'm sitting at a table Peter. Ska Lara fetus. Gloria I know Peter. Yes and Fred Willard and I'm like wow. This is Don rickles is there. Don was one of my idols and So bob gets up to tell a story and there's this woman there I won't say who she was she was the wife of a very well to do. Tv producing and she was drunk and kind of obnoxious. So Bob's about he's like I WANNA thank everybody. I WanNa tell you a quick story. And then she's like this is going to be funny. Bob Bob just going to be a funny story. Oh this is going to be funny and then everyone's like fun and and then Bob just goes. Why don't we all find out together and I was like that's fucking perfect must have killed it destroyed and I'm like it was perfect like he. He maybe he took a flaw and made it like. That's what I love about comedy like spinning gold out of the flaws like magic out of the flaws I I would have been like shut. Fuck up yeah. But he needed that moment to happen. In order to engage the audience and hold them in have like this amazing experience. If it hadn't happened you wouldn't remember that. So in a way that sort of the the beauty part about about being able to be in the moment like that those imperfect moments become like. Oh Yeah how we Save Them. Is Jim Andy? I'm opening for you. Some on this weekend in love Jay. He's such a sweet guy. He's usually funny he's a he's a good guy he's a good kid. Yeah he really is worked hard. He has an amendment the comedy store and he did at midnight and he had an amazing first time. He was on the show. He had an amazing for show was really great. I'm glad I'm glad during with him is a good kid. Is there anything else you want to promote? While you're here Deported deported now. That's that's that's special. Now that's a special. Thank you watch it on Amazon. Prime video town near you soon in grand rapids coming up in grand rapids is a fun combination. Gilda radner comedy. Yeah Yeah Yeah Gilda's laugh fest interest rate doing that on March eighth or something. Oh you'll love it. I mean confirm the date. It is a huge eight. That is a good. It is a good festival and a good town for comedy. I think you'll actually and I just wanted to deported his name of your Special Nada thing I was just saying I think Chris Hardwick suggesting that I get deported. Think that's what I was I am not a way that white point he had Mr. Have a hat on your man witnessed. No Way will not build a wall Russell again. Thank you enough for being always looking to see you and one of those. It's one of my favorite things about the always going to Montreal. It's like the shows are fun but it's just it's the hang one hotel with the round bar a high it just like it's God it's like a great and then you want to talk to people but then you get distracted so quick. Yeah Am L. Hey sorry hey man and then everybody off on each other and but nobody takes a personal no. No you didn't come back. No not at all not at all. It's Nice it's fun to be around everybody. Well thank you for being here. Having this castle is wonderful. Appreciate that I really want to see more of it. Yeah I show you around. Yeah we got to put some secret that we need to secret doors feels like a secret room this is. This was a secret room. This wasn't a room. We put the walls concrete. Under here it was a there was a patio above here so this was just like underneath the patio. And so we punch through and made the podcast. Russa's great sorry little podcast bomb shelter. Who I mean. This is meltdown comex. I don't know if you've ever performed at meltdown Noah. That was your thing. It was well. Joe Camel did their thing there and then we built like a sweet program the other nights of the week but they started it like they started doing comedy there on Wednesday nights and so it was just like A. Why isn't there comedy here? Seven nights a week. That was nerd melt. That was yes. Yes yes yes. That's gone now right. Yeah meltdown got he. He got rid of it. The guest on it closed. It's not it's something to now. He's gas off. Oh did it. We started with the pilots right and we landed with upon my favorite rap big Pun. Guys come on I d scanning complete enjoy overeat..

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