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The Security guard falsely accused in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing during the Atlantic Olympic Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Remember that well Attorney Lin Wood's representation of Richard Jules Helped turn Linwood into a household name. Back then he was just a personal injury lawyer and after Richard Jule became nationally known he was a proverbial ambulance chaser back then, and parlayed that into the Lynwood we know today. More recently would is best known for his conspiracy theories and incendiary rhetoric for which he's been expelled from Twitter. But before he was kicked off the social media site. He did say that the capital riots were staged his word by Antifa. I know, I know some of you still believe that because you keep telling me that on Facebook and Twitter That Mr Bill Kelley. And like Linwood. You had no evidence. You're just making up stuff. Regardless of what you believe. But let me get back to Mr Lin Wood. He's also accused. Then Vice President Mike Pence of being a traitor and a Communist, among other things. Would had also called for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts then said it my majority leader, Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence to be arrested for treason and for pence to quote Face execution by firing squad, close quote. He also ledge. Chief Justice John Roberts was somehow connected to Jeffrey Epstein. Not kidding. Not making anything up. I just want to give you a brief recap of Woods claim to fame. But more than that he has a tremendous following. In other words, thousands and thousands of people who believe everything I just told you that he alleges. It's almost like he's a televangelist. When you listen to him and you watch him. He speaks before thousands of people and they hang on his every conspiratorial word. He has influence. Ah lot. What I mean, when I say Tele evangelist. There's very much something obsessive, very cultish, very dangerous with his pronouncements. I mean what you get past the insane and ridiculous nature of what he has to say, but it only takes one true believer. Only takes one. Might act on his pronouncement. Host capital riots. Nobody can claim ignorance anymore about how these conspiracy theories can motivate people to act. Last night. Well, here comes a doozy. Speaking before some packed arenas somewhere deep in the heart of Cuban on country, Linwood got really loose with reality. And two people who are insane. It's probably pretty funny. But I'm worried about the insane people like everyone in the audience cheering. They've accused me of being a QA non conspiracy theories. Why Because they're telling you that I am a bad messenger. No, we're not. We're not accusing you of being a Q A non conspiracy theorist. You are doing that all by yourself. You are claiming it. They're trying to attack me because they can't attack que cost you is the truth..

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