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Gang members planning a crime on Tate self tubal murders that way New York City police also intensified there's a hunt for the teenagers suspected of murdering Tessa majors they release a new photo of the suspected killer Connecticut man busted for threatening suspects in attesa majors murder and the FBI office ten grand for information that leads to finding a missing Connecticut top in sports on teams lose next lost to the heat one twenty nine a one fourteen the Rangers lost to Toronto sixty three in the devils lost to Washington sixty three twenty four degrees on the way to thirty four and sunny on the Saturday December twenty first I'm Joe of large good morning ninety six gang members including nine capitalist busted on Long Island charges include drug trafficking conspiracy to commit murder here so feel hall holding up a machete similar to one used in murders here in Suffolk County the DA Tim sini announced the arrests of ninety six MS thirteen gang members and their drug dealing associates nine leaders of clicks throughout the county taken off the streets and these MS thirteen clicks included Brentwood and Huntington in addition to those defendants charged in this indictment this investigation has resulted in over two hundred and thirty arrests of MS thirteen gang members here in New York throughout this country and now Salvador this all began the DA says with the arrest last year of a leader nicknamed ghost and from there using two hundred wire taps of cell phones they arrested the ninety six others law enforcement prevented countless acts of violence over the past twenty three months including seven murder plots right here in Suffolk County the bad news when asked if the gang is now a radic hated here in Suffolk County the DA says no way there are still members but they will continue to work to arrest them so be a whole WCBS newsradio eight eighty wire taps led to the arrest of Brooklyn gang members from murder and more Steve burns has this two alleged members of the brick squad gang or discussing the heroine they've sold and the alarming number of people killed I don't know where we was active just thought again spoke you are likely to low but later in the call they admit they can't leave it alone they say it is just too much money to stop doing it Brooklyn district attorney Eric and solace says it shows the complete disregard for human life within the gang ten alleged members have been arrested facing charges ranging from murder to weapon in narcotics possession this is a bonafide gang and that group Gonzalez says was led by someone already behind bars Howard Smith known as the godfathers serving a life sentence one big red flags Allah says was the twenty five grand in Smith's prison commissary account realize that money's cohort of drug money it's how the lower members of the gang paid tribute to him two homicides were also connected to the gang in downtown Brooklyn Steve Byrnes WCBS newsradio eight eighty police have released new photos of a fourteen year old who suspected of murdering Barnard College freshman Tessa majors in Morningside park police dispute that the teen ran off when he was about to go in for questioning on Friday night though police distributed a photo of the wanted teenager on social media and tweeted out the information as well this photo is on our website of the CBS eight eighty dot com police also say they're being very thorough to avoid the mistakes made with the Central Park five investigation rich land has that part of the story mayor the blouse yo dismisses any comparison between the current man hunt and the case which captured headlines thirty years ago it is entirely a different time and a different reality in our city and this administration I'm proud to say that that might be the we could not be more different than the leaders were place than on his W. NYC broadcast the blouse yo declared what happens at the par five on constable in fact during my administration we finally provided them the settlements and the damages they deserve for all their suffering which previously ministrations refused to do the five received about forty million dollars from the city about the morning side park case the mayor said the NYPD intends to bring to justice those who were involved in only those who were involved rich lamb WCBS newsradio eight eight a Connecticut man arrested Friday for posting a racist threat to shoot one of the teen suspected in the stabbing death the Barnard College student Tessa majors Trevor spring is thirty one years old lives in mystic Connecticut posted the threat to a reddit form from the cell phone Thursday in my PT's racially and ethnically motivated extremism unit spot of the post and alerted Connecticut state police spring admitted to the Connecticut state police that he wrote the post he was arrested he told police he had no intention of going to New York to actually hurt somebody police also determined he had no weapons at his disposal spring was hit with a misdemeanor threatening charge released on five thousand dollars bond the charge carries a possible a year in jail and the FBI is offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information that leads to the recovery of a missing one year old girl her mother was found murdered in her and Sonya Connecticut home authorities released new images a car seat a backpack diaper bag a comforter and a passive fire investigators said the items were used to take care of the child police believe the child still alive and is in Connecticut the child's father Jose Morales has been named as a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend who's the child's mother on December second her mother Christine hot the child's mother Christine Holloway was found dead by police during a wellness check the child Vanessa Morales was last seen November twenty ninth at a relative's home W. 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