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It was all about raining grab his coat tailing has some if I come to Washington can I stop by CDC as mobile how old were you I was about twelve and a half at thirty thirty you took off for Washington at thirteen yes Maybank hired Bollman to sweep the capitol steps for two dollars a week he worked his way up maybe in the country's most powerful politicians and enjoying an insider view of Congress your part of this committee for five years everything that comes in everything that goes out into all of the business every senator and everything he was close with Titans of the hell like Jesse Helms and segregationist Strom Thurmond here is bringing in the cots when Thurman filibuster the nineteen fifty seven civil rights bill for twenty four hours straight we did a lot of things behind the scenes that no one is seen in this film mostly what seven noon with it don't do it all myself so you keep that to yourself by the mid sixties he was on the foreign relations committee where he mentored a young man from Arkansas bill Clinton was a messenger we have fallen and I felt like a complete idiot though typically used to build a set who's the residual constantly Hyman overactive push these up a little more these days Bowman prepares to room for committee hearings checking mine sometime I was escorting wetness and keeping time one senator Jim Risch starts now here so I know you're the chairman but who runs the committee he does clearly we all take orders from.

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