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All right, welcome to chalk is Jericho it's the pot of thunder and rock and roll and it's Friday. So let's turn it over to Duff mckagan. And the joke of the week. Hey, Chris Jericho. Doctor mckagan Colleen, I listen, do you know why you shouldn't ever brush your teeth with your left hand? Because a toothbrush works much better. Thank you very much. Goodbye. Leave it to Duff. He's never failed to deliver yet on a Friday for four years and we thank him for that. Thankful for Duff this Thanksgiving and thanks for everyone who took advantage of the pre booking sale for Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling rager at sea, the four leaf clover, setting sell march 14th from Miami to NASA. We are now publicly on sale Chris Jericho Cruz dot com to book your cabin, join us for the vacation of a lifetime. Are you kidding me? Chris Jericho. Wrestling, Mark Henry, Mickie James, scowls and Anderson, Brad Williams, Mick Foley, Nick aldis. Moose. Brutus beefcake king haku Mike rotunda. Dan Lambert, Jordan gray squad or Matt cardona Brian Myers, Jonathan Gresham, rocky Romero, yuya yumura, Arian Andrew, boogeyman, ODB, world famous CB fozzy, Quiet Riot royal bliss Raven, the world's greatest female kiss tribute band press, quarantine, the list goes on and on and on and on and on, go to Chris Jericho cruise dot com and join us for the vacation of a lifetime. And come rock with us with fozzie if you're in the UK, the European leg of fozzy saved the world tour kicks off November 29th in Liverpool, the famous cavern club where The Beatles got their start. They've played at 292 times. We've been there once. A camera club sold out Manchester.

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