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It's Monday November twelfth two thousand eighteen names. Jack, O'Brien AK to know baby. Is it good to you can do to you those things that I do know. It is. Ooh. Jack O'Brien, and I'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host, Mr. miles. Just in the chair tonight that just in something. This. Thank you to Weston b w brace eight three one eight six four five five nine seven four whatever that Twitter handle is so much for that one. Is that cutting crew? Yeah. That verged on a weird Al like a food based. Yeah. Yeah. You know, he had a little bit of it gonna try and improvise a little bit. But I don't have the mental last Tissot tea at the moment. I mean, just eat it. But thought well, we are thrilled to be joined in our third see by the Polaris podcast host improviser comedian movie star, Mr. Eric lamb perr. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you pleasure to be back. It's been too long. I've say I think I enjoyed about just the three record of this. What's that seeing? How we? Yeah. My older make worse. Yes. Don't give the people. I. Cold brew. I love a little bit of cold brew. That was quite nice. And then I still you and it was like a Cup of Joe Cup of Joe just gonna American old fashioned co. Yeah, we were talking about that earlier today actually that the reason that it's called Joe is because British of bills in World War Two American soldiers were known as Joe's right only. The Americans drank coffee because it is a bitter garbage water. Like we drink tea. So that's how it got the name. Joe? And a little less than fair you had a sort of. I guess it would be an Espresso. Yeah. Ness, breezy as we like to pretend like I'm Clooney enjoy. Yes. Yeah. What do you mean? He has his that's his like whole. Yeah. This is brand. That's good for him. We all need a brand and mine is just uncut concentrated, cold brew. What'd you think? My brand will be if I have made it if I've made a big I say if. When the universe yourself. The streets devito in the sheets. That's not his brand though. Be like a product that. I go look at me. And you're like. Yeah. Puff Eric some kind of designer sunglasses. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I feel like some kind of lifestyle item. Okay. Thank you very much. Yeah..

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