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Awesome. Thank you messing. He, sean. Yes. The best way reach me star off the ban jump into my final. But from my website, just H and she oh, he L dot com. And just shoot me a message on my site on the bacterial and social links there, and in terms, I guess just took my my message that was gonna drop I say just. I mean, I I should thought and thinking about this prior to this. But I definitely would say get started. They'll anyone stuff but also ceiling pal like if you're doing something don't sound shift. Here's and go into reverse all of a sudden get started doing something else. That was my biggest piece advice I've received and also network connecting with many people as you can and really just building relationships instead of connections. A lot of people just a lot of people that I take to events that are on my age. They they're so busy trying to network that forget it can act and it's not about seeing a business card getting a phone number. But it's more if it's people's guilt. So it's about really honing in on. Breeding connection with someone in short short period of time that you can continue to build on for months days years hours later, and that's that's about it. So no, that's that's great advice and the way that I would also translate that into one thing that I think about a lot is is there's a lot of people that are in a race to consume so much information and read a lot of books and go through a lot of some RS and different things. At least, you know in my world. I see a lot of this. And I think someone is far better off mastering a single useful book than reading fifty books. You know, I mean, you can read a book and then read the next book and read the next book, but like really mass or something in the same thing. I would say with what you said about relationships. I mean, you can go to an event and get a ton of contact info, and you know, handshakes, hugs and meet different people. But that that's far different than you know, quality is far more important than quantity. And that I always. Play out. So thanks, and then Connor I mean, you're the youngest person I think to ever give a talk at genius network at how would we then fifteen or sixteen? They're like. Yeah. So all right. Final last words from you and anything else you wanna up with. And then we'll. My final last words are follow Caleb Matic on it. And in my Harding, Ardian vices. We can't hear you. Wait. Can you hear me now? Yeah. You sound a little bit. But we couldn't really hear you the entire time. But I just didn't want to be rude. No, go ahead. Words are for follow Taylor Mattis on exam? And lastly. Lafley? I think that everyone should go and do something nice for someone out there. And. And if they turn daily and they have to go to the event. Awesome. Okay. Well, first off, I really really appreciate you taking the time in I I'm really excited about what's going to happen at genius network and about just you know, helping to amplify what you guys are already doing. So looking forward to that into all of our listeners. I hope you found this inspirational inspiring, and there's certainly business owners and different people that probably are not aware of some of the things that we talked about. So share this episode with anyone in your business or in your world that you think would benefit from it. And I'll put all of the contact information from everyone below in the show notes this episode, and for those that are going to see us at the genius network any event, which will be taking place in a couple of weeks than awesome genius network of vents dot com events with an s is well, the details are and to all of you guys. Thank you so much, and we're all. We'll we'll be rocking the house in a couple of weeks. Things in.

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