Twitter, Adam Schiff, President Trump discussed on Chip Franklin


Of obstruction with trump and his stupid twitter war with them adam schiff is that obstruction when he's tweeting out from you know his favorite mode of transportation on twitter that adam schiff must be stopped and i mean where is the house investigation where is the line of of of the president not just tweet anything he wants are there are no repercussions here cannot legally phase any consequences i would respectfully submit that those were very very well chosen words because saying that someone must be stopped is open to such an interpretation can so easily be viewed is some just opinion of psalm allen it's coming out of the president of the united states isn't that an obstruction of sorts whose kneeing in then that that is if i'm going to play down the middle and i look at i take a literal view of what it means to obstructed justice what it means to engage in the obstruction of governmental administration laying someone must be stopped first of all you not actually doing anything the the the word must must be bill is a very very carefully chosen words because they mean nothing okay couple of things along those lines in that uh when when um when trump makes these comes obviously we know that when he when he told lester holt that he fired and because of the russia investigation i mean that's pretty you know there he knows who they are investigating but what about like it that's an that you make an interesting point about if a person if if tex watson and squeaky from a whoever went to the lobby opera house if they never said that manson told them to actually kill somebody but the mansard and send them there you know because he may be mansa gum all fired up about these hollywood people are destroying culture and they had to be stopped and they said okay and they interpret that.

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