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Picked up the wrong she ono panic panic mailbag ashworth gets a started um can you guys comment on ian wright's comments about foreign fans on the podcast we can um so this happened on twitter so of course it was a bit of an angry reaction which ian wright apologize for this from the mirror um i apologise unreservedly for my own fair comments which i made in anger after receiving and untold amount of stick so the details it is and that important but that ian wright was made some comments about arsenal and they were seized upon by some people on twitter and he replied as the murder says the commons right is referring to appear to be ones aimed at an overseas fan after the arson legend brought attention to him being a million miles away so i re i went on twitter how to look at he he basically there was a cup of fans got into him and he told them that their maybe there their comments are their criticisms are there import wasn't that welcome because they're not in london this is a thing that i have always been really sas of and i trust i kinda get it 'cause i think of it from my own perspective as like let's say i found out that some guy in berlin was a die hard philadelphia eagles fan rice for some reason fair or not i would probably in my mind thank the he just can never be a fan to the level that i am barrage i'll i grew up with it and how i get an but then i think about myself with tottenham and how much i care about them and how i'd be offended if i knew that there was somebody in london that i that thought i can never be the kind of fan they are when in fact it's probably more difficult to be a fan in this country thick of the hurdles you if you live in los angeles you waking up at four thirty in the morning to watch these games think of the commitment that it takes in you're not surrounded by it like you over there you've got to seek it out so to be a fan in this country it it's fun but it's also work so i i sometimes hope that you know people in england conner respect american.

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