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For women, like kickboxing, or cross fit or weightlifting, even just exercising in a public place would have been unthinkable. Not that long ago. Lindsey Lazar ski takes a look at the history of women's fitness picture. This it was the nineteen forties. And in new kind of salon, was popping up not for your hair, but for your body, and lowering and women across America. It seems that you helped to win the wall. You'll still have another hand things. The battle of the budget, and he had some of the mechanized units on maneuvers. Women who've. These places were called reducing salons and figure spas where contraptions whittled away women's waistlines for smoothed out those unsightly lumps dimples, their machines. And you see women standing in them in high heels. That's an Italian Melman Petrella. She's a self-described gym rat and historian at the new school in New York City look Look like like CNN. all the streamline and away. You go to health unhappiness cubs, you right tallies. Working on a new book about exercise culture in America. She says, at the time exercise was inextricably tied to beauty fitness was about how you look not about what you could do. They were predicated on the idea that what you wanted to do was, yes. Work on your body. So that's something we still have with us today. But the ads all said things like relaxing, luxurious comfort. No sweating whatsoever. And the idea was through technology that women could still be ladies and I'll be like grunting and sweating..

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