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Backs in college football right now yeah the you know sometimes we'll click on stuff like that and i i'm i'm gonna say as guilty of it but i just think it just it it's very appealing at this time and i'm glad it's worked out the way it has all right so we've to to wrap up we've already thrown a couple of promo codes out you today for citizen razors but i got one more for you for premier college football writing and not just college football you get access to the whole athletic this is the best deal going right now if you go to the athletic dot com slash all american expansion like get it like conference expansion all american expansion forty percent off the first year bruce that is two ninety nine a month think about that two ninety nine a month for our double digit now growing roster college football writers but also seth davis and his great college basketball writing staff ken rosenthal jayson stark all those warriors writers you talked about whatever city you're listening to us in right now check and see we've probably at this point have if there's a pro sports team in that market we probably have somebody covering it will very soon so all athletic dot com slash all american expansion two ninety nine a month and i'd say can't wait to get started but i think you already did you already have your first thing out i do yeah and again it just kind of goes back to look in and see the people who you have you know already had you know even though he's not checking on your headcount bryan hamilton i was like you know the work he does whatever he does is tremendous but then just seeing while you got some numbers to go while you got earn suttles you're going to get david david ogden to to cover college football you know it it was it was just a lot of people beyond just you know my you know me having my less you know personal favourite like john walters you know on his voice on over the weekends but it's really the people who are who you need to read i mean if you're an alabama fan you need to read iran if you're a georgia phang certainly need to read seth i mean these are.

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