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Thursday passed a bipartisan bill to extend it from eight to twenty four weeks to give businesses with fewer than five hundred workers four more months basically to be able to spend the federal money after cove in nineteen related losses this bill would also allow for more flexibility so part of the loan to go towards protective equipment think mask gloves and maybe plexiglas to keep workers socially distant well the trump administration has decided it is best for now not to go on record with any official predictions about the economy's future or do officially acknowledged the data showing we are falling into a corona virus led recession all of which are included in the annual mid year economic update that the White House normally puts out in the summer but not this year an administration official said the White House is not doing it this time around but did say they will release as planned updated info about the federal budget now since everything came to a stop in March a big drop in tax receipts plus the almost three trillion dollar coronavirus relief package passed by Congress all adds up to multi trillion dollar government deficit for the budget year ending September thirtieth that will not sound good coming out of any White House we'll get to some sports news in a minute is twelve forty one memories make us laugh and cry and sometimes cringe when we look back at our fashion choices but in between flashbacks of bowl cuts and dad jeans our memories are fading and so is the old media that holds them hi I'm Adam based log in I'm Nick Marco and we are the founders of legacy box legacy box is the easiest and safest way to preserve your family memories here's how it works Phil legacy box with your outdated media wi professionally digitized and send them back on DVDs thumb drive or the cloud look those forgotten home movies VHS tapes film reels in photos are degrading.

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