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The right way all right back to chris jones back to the chiefs so far jones has been the star of camp. And that's saying something because again allies have been good. we're going to get the linebackers and a second who might be the biggest surprise as a camp but jones has been great and this is a guy who of course has been great. Part of this point obviously earned a four year. Eighty five million dollar deal a year ago. He's a two time pro bowler all right somebody. Who through five seasons has forty and a half sacks including fifteen and a half back in two thousand. Eighteen last year had seven and a half. He's been a phenomenal player. Other than aaron. Donald there has not been a better defensive tackle in the nfl since he's come into the league. Okay that said he's now obviously. Everybody knows transitioning a little bit. He's going to place in the end. He slimmed-down little. I gotta tell you if you're watching any of these drills. He's not losing any power. He is destroying people. I mentioned before for the break in tuni. -tuni- is an all pro guard. The highest paid interior linemen in. Nfl history. he destroyed joni on a couple of one on one know again. The defense has the advantage air but tunisia kind of player who neutralizes at advantages jones. Destroy them. It has been fascinating to watch him. He's so quick so fast bull the laterally up the field..

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