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Do it for the show. As long as producer Casey Peg Graham comes on board with US and protects from polar bears. I'm into it, and I'll be on a polar bear duty. No problem. Okay I can get down with it then. Let's make it happen, guys, this has. Has Been An epic, two parter and I feel as though is I I know a little bit more about my place in the universe, thanks to the work of those what came before us, and and risked life and limb, and and and frostbite in order to discover a place that probably people shouldn't really be hanging out in, but it you know it's. For forgotten country for science. Maybe I don't know yeah. Yeah, for all the good stuff. Right all the good, the good stuff about the human species. It also reminds me of the terror. Have you guys heard of that TV show? The the terror came out of. Has it has a story about polar explorers. Each mess Arabist HMS terror now I haven't but I liked the name. We'll check it out if you a chance. Thanks as always to our Super Producer Casey peg room. Thanks to Alice all. WHOA no, Hey, hey, guys. There's another call coming in.

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