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On ampola george i still have brandon eager i mean lavarra lonzo would barely be starting on that team and i don't need a lonzo ball i have lebron james who's got the guskey i need a point guard that can really shoot it will have a lear said that we got career of it we don't need lebrun we got a point guard nope nope your hand why can shoot low get live abroad zave but i would i would next the lebron james is a point guard who can shoot the basketball it'd be effective without it carry was great with the ball but he also was great without the ball and and your poohpoohing cleveland like what if they go to the finals and play golden state tough in lose in a competitive sixgame series and when you say they can't improve oh really they have the brooklyn pick they could get the top seven maybe it's the top five pick then you're adding a potential star twenty oregon oregon where you you win live in jordan clarkson larry nance in georgia as the core that's not the core the core is lebron james of renew all starring kevin love then those roleplayers rodney hood beer exit aware of twelve million a year fine what have rodney hood putting up twelve points a game in the playoffs you play twelve million a year for rodney hood gilbert i love how you just want to spend dan gilbert's money this is that this story on his brow luxury and is money lebrun certainly in a brand new.

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