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Specific people. Saying the producers. More thinking. Is Allie listening would she bake for? US. Would she made? A Great Baker Baker I've seen pictures of her baked goods. They look delicious fall about. Whatever? So they have a conversation about have any of you ever been close to being engaged before. and. Just. Almost. But then he got cold feet and then we don't get to hear anymore of this fascinating story. Very interesting. Can Sell. It goes I'd be fine with a ring pop proposal and eloped Vegas. His cell is always cool girl. The. That is true. That's very, very true. Teams almost engagement. Ring pots. Do because it's like a delicious handy but. Not In this context. I do like challenge didn't make them all think about marriage and think about Cup. The couples talking about marriage. That was cute. I like that I actually really liked Calvin rule of four seasons and a road trip. I said everybody should do that. I agree I was like Oh Calvin is making sense for one. So definitely seemed like a good if you know you know but definitely a good, you know like bar to hit if Boscell. Road trip part literally. Yeah. Sure if you know you know but if you think you know go on a road trip and see of you know. Right traveling with a significant other. Locked in a car with someone will expose the truth..

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